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A new varmint has entered the arena. I spotted her as she, somehow, moved through a wall. Clad in bandages that tell an untold tale of something horrid. This...nurse as it seems, brings me new angst during my lonely nights, as my mind runs amok.
~ Unknown (Potentially Benedict Baker)
The Nurse

Sally Smithson or "The Nurse" is one of 7 Killers in Dead by Daylight.

She was featured as a part of the "The Last Breath" Chapter.

Background[edit | edit source]

Sally Smithson came to town with dreams of children’s feet and laughter in a wooden home built by her husband Andrew. But life came not with smiles but with plans of destruction. Andrew worked as a lumberjack - a job with its perils. And one day Andrew’s foreman had to pay Sally a visit, forever changing her life. She was alone. Without food on the table, the only employment she could get was at the Crotus Prenn Asylum. Nobody sought employment there unless they were in dire need. Just like Sally. Without any education, she started at the bottom and after two decades she hadn’t progressed any closer to the top. Instead her mind had reached its limits. Two decades of seeing horrid things that violates the eyes. Memories that are re-played every night. Being abused verbally and physically, by people without limits. Sally saw insanity from the outside, just to catch it herself. Finally she could not take it anymore and concepts of purification emerged inside her. She did what she felt was necessary. As the morning staff arrived one day in September - they found over fifty dead patients, lifeless, in their bed. Sally was the only one at the scene, rocking back and forth. Exactly what happened is only known by her, but it seems that some of them had been choked as they had marks around their necks.

Perks[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
IconPerks stridor.png

Breathing of Survivors in pain is 25/50/50 % louder. Regular Survivor breathing is now also 0/0/25 % louder.

Unique to Nurse until level 30, which its Teachable version can then be learned and taught to the other Killers.

IconPerks thatanophobia.png

All Survivors receive penalties to repair, healing and sabotage speeds for each injured, dying or hooked Survivor.

  • 1 injured, dying or hooked survivor decrease repair, healing and sabotage speed by 4/5/6 %.
  • 2 injured, dying or hooked survivor decrease repair, healing and sabotage speed by 7/8/9 %.
  • 3 injured, dying or hooked survivor decrease repair, healing and sabotage speed by 10/11/12 %.
  • 4 injured, dying or hooked survivor decrease repair, healing and sabotage speed by 13/14/15 %.

Unique to Nurse until level 35, which its Teachable version can then be learned and taught to the other Killers.

IconPerks aNursesCalling.png
A Nurse's Calling

The Auras of Survivors who are healing or being healed are revealed to you when they are within a 20/24/28 meters. "Still attached to the fragments of her past life, she is drawn to those in need of help."

Unique to Nurse until level 40, which its Teachable version can then be learned and taught to the other Killers.

Loadout[edit | edit source]

The Bonesaw[edit | edit source]

The Bonesaw is the main weapon of the Nurse. For her primary attack, she swings her whole body forward with the Bonesaw. Like other killers, she cleans off the blade after striking a survivor, giving them a short amount of time to gain distance again. She uses her hands to delicately clean off the blade, unlike the Trapper and Wraith.

The Nurse is the only Killer with a shorter than average lunge-attack (all the other killers have the same lunge attack range).

Spencer's Last Breath[edit | edit source]

The Nurse's Power

The last breath taken from Crotus Prenn Asylum warden Patrick Spencer. Holding M2 will charge up a teleport, the range depending on how long you charge the Breath. After teleporting, there is a short period of a little over a second in which the Nurse can attack, or blink again. By default, the Nurse can blink 1 more time (2 times total). After at least 1 blink, the Nurse will become stunned following a short period of not blinking or following an attack. The stun duration scales with the number of blinks used.

The Nurse can chain multiple blinks together before attacking. To prevent herself from being stunned even longer, the Nurse can elect to not use her extra blinks. She can also elect to not attack, as attacking will delay the onset of the stun by about 1.5-2 seconds. The Nurse will clench her fist when her first blink is fully charged. The "floating dots" in the Nurse's palm indicate how many blinks she has left.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Main article: Achievements

There are currently 3 achievements related to the Nurse.

Icon Name Description
Ach adeptNurse.jpg Adept Nurse Achieve a merciless victory with the Nurse using only her 3 unique perks.
Ach inTheVoidSheWalks.jpg In the void she walks With The Nurse, successfully land a Blink attack or a Blink interrupt a total of 500 times.
Ach fromTheVoidSheKills.jpg From the void she kills Chain 3 or more blinks and land on a survivor, grabbing him successfully.

Customization[edit | edit source]

Players can customize their character by choosing one outfit style from each category. Blood-stained attire is obtained after the Nurse reaches level 50 and prestiges.

Some items of clothing can only be worn if the appropriate DLC is owned.
The Nurse's attire includes:

Head Body Weapon

DLC[edit | edit source]

Main article: Downloadable Content

The Nurse is currently part of 2 DLC package:

Available DLC[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Nurse is the first female Killer.
  • The Nurse is the first Killer to be introduced as DLC.
  • The Nurse's blinking ability, Spencer's Last Breath, is the ability to "blink" across distances; i.e. to teleport. This ability also holds references to several other games with the ability under the same name, "Blink".
  • Other than the Blink ability, The Nurse also seems to possess a telekinesis-like ability that is exhibited in other killer actions.
  • The Nurse could likely be inspired by the Nurse creatures seen in the game Silent Hill.
  • The Nurse is the one of the Killers to have a different run speed. She's a bit slower than the Survivor's running speed.
  • The Nurse has a shorter lunge-attack range than the other Killers.
    • However, her post-blink lunge-attack range is one of the largest, rivalling the Shape's Evil Within III lunge-attack range.
  • Due to her being rather physically unable beyond her powers, her animations are quite unique. Instead of breaking pallets with her feet, she makes some gestures with the Last Breath and destroys it. When she vaults, she floats over the opening. When picking up survivors, she uses her telekinesis to levitate them into her arms.
  • The Nurse is a short killer. However, as she is floating, she is visibly higher than the Hag, who hunches over.
  • The Nurse is the only killer who floats and so she does not have an audible footstep. However, when she does move her dress makes an audible rustling noise.
  • The Nurse passively leaves a trail of glowing dots and smoke behind her.
  • The Nurse is the only killer whose breathing isn't distorted in some way. She makes a rather human-like wheeze, which also sounds stressed, as if her throat was closed up.
  • The Nurse makes a small exhale upon fully charging a blink, and a small inhale when starting one.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Main article: Hints
  • Survivors can see a stripe behind you if you blink.
  • You can hit survivors before having to cool down after a blink.
  • The nurse "walks" notably slower than other killers, even slower than a normal survivor's run. Hence, it is imperative that you use a blink to catch up to survivors in a chase.
  • Blinking is a very good way to gain distance on survivors who have ran away.
  • You can turn while you blink. This will not change the trajectory of the blink, but can be used to turn around and hit a survivor if they attempt to juke you by running through you.
  • If you face the floor while blinking, you can blink to the floor beneath you (given there is a room there, such as the basement or if you are on the second floor of a building.)
  • If you charge your blink so that it would teleport into an obstacle, the blink will instead teleport you before the obstacle.
  • The best way to go about the Nurse is to predict where a survivor is going. Because the Nurse cannot properly chase survivors, blinking on top of them and cutting them off is necessary to land a hit.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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