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Benedict Baker's depiction of an Offering.
I found something odd during today’s nightmare. A wreath made of animal bones. Nothing in nature creates something like this. At the camp fire, I could finally get some light so that I was able to investigate it further. But I fumbled and dropped it into the fire. And it quickly disappeared. To my surprise, the fire can burn things. But why this and why not my hand? The next day something had changed. The world differed. My only conclusion is that I was supposed to find this. A simple offering? But to whom? And who made it? Are these offerings my way out of here?
~ Benedict Baker's Journal

The following is a list of Offerings featured in Dead By Daylight.

Overview[edit | edit source]

There are currently 79 Offerings in the game. 28 for Killers, 25 for Survivors and 26 for both Killers and Survivors. Unlike Perks, Offerings are lost after they are used. Each character can receive Offerings from their Bloodweb.

There are five rarities of Offerings: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare & Ultra Rare

Bloodpoint Bonus Offerings[edit | edit source]

Grant bonus Bloodpoints in their mentioned categories. Usually just affect oneself, but some can affect multiple players.
These Offerings all stack.

Survivor 15% (All Survivors) 25% 50% 75% 100% (Anniversary)
Objective IconFavors bogLaurelSachet.pngBog Laurel Sachet IconFavors freshBogLaurel.pngFresh Bog Laurel IconFavors fragrantBogLaurel.pngFragrant Bog Laurel
Survival IconFavors crispleafAmaranthSachet.pngCrispleaf Amaranth Sachet IconFavors freshCrispleafAmaranth.pngFresh Crispleaf Amaranth IconFavors fragrantCrispleafAmaranth.pngFragrant Crispleaf Amaranth
Altruism IconFavors primroseBlossomSachet.pngPrimrose Blossom Sachet IconFavors freshPrimroseBlossom.pngFresh Primrose Blossom IconFavors fragrantPrimroseBlossom.pngFragrant Primrose Blossom
Boldness IconFavors sweetWilliamSachet.pngSweet William Sachet IconFavors freshSweetWilliam.pngFresh Sweet William IconFavors fragrantSweetWilliam.pngFragrant Sweet William
All IconFavors boundEnvelope.pngBound Envelope IconFavors sealedEnvelope.pngSealed Envelope IconFavors escapeCake.pngEscape Cake
Killer 25% 50% 75% 100% (Anniversary)
Brutality IconFavors tanagerWreath.pngTanager Wreath IconFavors devoutTanagerWreath.pngDevout Tanager Wreath IconFavors ardentTanagerWreath.pngArdent Tanager Wreath
Deviousness IconFavors ravenWreath.pngRaven Wreath IconFavors devoutRavenWreath.pngDevout Raven Wreath IconFavors ardentRavenWreath.pngArdent Raven Wreath
Hunting IconFavors spottedOwlWreath.pngSpotted Owl Wreath IconFavors devoutSpottedOwlWreath.pngDevout Spotted Owl Wreath IconFavors ardentSpottedOwlWreath.pngArdent Spotted Owl Wreath
Sacrifice IconFavors shrikeWreath.pngShrike Wreath IconFavors devoutShrikeWreath.pngDevout Shrike Wreath IconFavors ardentShrikeWreath.pngArdent Shrike Wreath
All IconFavors hollowShell.pngHollow Shell IconFavors survivorPudding.pngSurvivor Pudding
All Players 100% (Anniversary)
All IconFavors bloodyPartyStreamers.pngBloody Party Streamers

Realm Selection Offerings[edit | edit source]

Increases the chance to be sent to a specific Realm when burnt. Their effects stacks and they are usable by both Survivors and Killers. An Offering will not be used if you are not sent to that Realm.

Realm Slightly Considerably Tremendously
MacMillan Estate IconFavors macmillianLedgerPage.pngMacMillan Ledger Page IconFavors signedLedgerPage.pngSigned Ledger Page IconFavors macmilliansPhalanxBone.pngMacMillan's Phalanx Bone
Autohaven Wreckers IconFavors plateShredded.pngShredded Plate IconFavors plateVirginia.pngVirginia Plate IconFavors azarovsKey.pngAzarov's Key
Coldwind Farm IconFavors cattleTag28.pngCattle Tag 28 IconFavors cattleTag81.pngCattle Tag 81 IconFavors heartLocket.pngHeart Locket
Crotus Prenn Asylum IconFavors lunacyTicket.pngLunacy Ticket IconFavors pElliottLunacyTicket.pngP. Elliott Lunacy Ticket IconFavors charredWeddingPhotograph.pngCharred Wedding Photograph
Haddonfield IconFavors harvestFestivalLeaflet.pngHarvest Festival Leaflet IconFavors decrepitClapboard.pngDecrepit Clapboard Strode Realty Key.pngStrode Realty Key
Backwater Swamp IconFavors fumingCordage.pngFuming Cordage IconFavors fumingWelcomeSign.pngFuming Welcome Sign IconFavors granmasCookbook.pngGranma's Cookbook
Léry's Memorial Institute IconFavors emergencyCertificate.pngEmergency Certificate IconFavors psychiatricAssessmentReport.pngPsychiatric Assessment Report IconFavors shatteredGlasses.pngShattered Glasses

Map Modification Offerings[edit | edit source]

These can all stack among themselves except the Moonlight affecting ones.
Both Survivors and Killers can obtain the Dark Mist and Moonlight Offerings.

Less hooks and more chests are unique to Survivors whilst more hooks and fewer chests are unique to Killers.

Props[edit | edit source]

-2 -1 +1 +2 +3
Chests IconFavors cutCoin.pngCut Coin IconFavors scratchedCoin.pngScratched Coin IconFavors tarnishedCoin.pngTarnished Coin IconFavors shinyCoin.pngShiny Coin
Hooks IconFavors petrifiedOak.pngPetrified Oak IconFavors moldyOak.pngMoldy Oak IconFavors rottenOak.pngRotten Oak IconFavors putridOak.pngPutrid Oak

Dark Mist[edit | edit source]

Slightly lesser Slightly thicker Moderately thicker Considerably thicker
Thickness IconFavors clearReagent.pngClear Reagent IconFavors faintReagent.pngFaint Reagent IconFavors hazyReagent.pngHazy Reagent IconFavors murkyReagent.pngMurky Reagent

Moonlight[edit | edit source]

Darkest Dimmed Brighter Brightest
Brightness IconFavors newMoonBouquet.pngNew Moon Bouquet IconFavors crecentMoonBouquet.pngCrescent Moon Bouquet IconFavors quarterMoonBouquet.pngQuarter Moon Bouquet IconFavors fullMoonBouquet.pngFull Moon Bouquet

Spawn Location Offerings[edit | edit source]

These offerings cannot stack and are not revealed when being burnt. They are all Survivor Offerings, except for the Shroud of Separation, which only the Killer can have.

With someone else Furthest from killer
You IconFavors shroudOfUnion.pngShroud of Union IconFavors vigosShroud.pngVigo's Shroud
Together Separated
All Survivors IconFavors shroudOfBinding.pngShroud of Binding IconFavors shroudOfSeparation.pngShroud of Separation

Luck Offerings[edit | edit source]

Unique to survivors. Increase luck of one or all survivors. Can stack.

Slightly Moderately Considerably
Personal IconFavors chalkPouch.pngChalk Pouch IconFavors creamChalkPouch.pngCream Chalk Pouch IconFavors ivoryChalkPouch.pngIvory Chalk Pouch
All Survivors IconFavors saltPouch.pngSalt Pouch IconFavors blackSaltStatuette.pngBlack Salt Statuette IconFavors jarOfSaltyLips.pngVigo's Jar of Salty Lips

Memento Mori[edit | edit source]

Unique to Killers. Grant them the ability to kill by their hand. Not revealed when burnt.

Last Survivor One Survivor All Survivors
Memento Mori IconFavors momentoMoriCypress.pngCypress Memento Mori IconFavors momentoMoriIvory.pngIvory Memento Mori IconFavors momentoMoriEbony.pngEbony Memento Mori

Other Offerings[edit | edit source]

See description for each one. These offerings cannot stack.

Item Usable by Description
IconFavors wardBlack.pngBlack Ward Killer Burning this offering grants you protection against the loss of your add-ons at the end of the trial.
IconFavors wardWhite.pngWhite Ward Survivor Burning this offering grants you protection against the loss of your item and add-ons in the event you die.
IconFavors blackSplinter.pngBlack Splinter Killer Allows you to take on the role of The Shape for the next trial. Your current perks and add-ons will not be used.
IconFavors muddySplinter.pngMuddy Splinter Killer Allows you to take on the role of The Hag for the next trial. Your current perks and add-ons will not be used.
IconFavors shockSplinter.pngShock Splinter Killer Allows you to take on the role of The Doctor for the next trial. Your current perks and add-ons will not be used.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The image files for offerings are stored in a folder called Favors.
  • The image files for the MacMillan offerings are spelt MacMillian, whilst the in-game translation removes the second i.
  • There are two unused offerings files included with the game, titled iconFavors_temp1.png, and iconFavors_temp2.png. Both also include their Unreal Engine asset files.

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