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Three survivors with varying survivor ranks; rank 10, 4, and 20 (left to right).

Rank is a feature found in ranked matches of Dead by Daylight.

The rank of a player is dependent on how many pips the player has accumulated from playing ranked games (any game-mode that isn't Kill Your Friends). The number of a character's rank indicates the player's overall skill level in the game. The highest rank is level 1, with the starting rank being level 20. To "rank up" means to have gained enough pips to increase a level. Similarly, "ranking down" means to have failed to receive enough points to acquire a pip after a match.

By ranking up, players will be placed in lobbies against other players of similar skill levels[citation needed], and will display nicer rank borders.

Ranks[edit | edit source]

There are two types of rank in Dead by Daylight. Killers will have a Killer Rank, whilst survivors will have a Survivor Rank.
Unlike levels, ranks are shared between characters of the same position.

Rank Colours[edit | edit source]

As a Player ranks up, the rank colour alongside the symbol changes.

The types of colours (though not matching exactly) mostly correspond to the order of rarity used for in-game Unlockables:

Rank Colour
20 - 17 Grey
16 - 13 Yellow
12 - 9 Green
8 - 5 Purple
4 - 1 Red

Obtaining Pips[edit | edit source]

A player receiving one pip after a match.

In order to rank, players must play ranked matches and accumulate Bloodpoints. For both Killers and survivors, there are four categories in which players are able to obtain points: objectives, survival, altruism, and boldness (for survivors); and brutality, deviousness, hunter, and sacrifice (for Killers). After the match ends, or if the player dies, the player will be shown their total score as a breakdown from the four categories. Concurrently, a red bar beneath this information will begin to fill - with the bar representing the player's total Bloodpoints accumulated. In order to gain pips, the red bar must fill up past a white pip. Players can earn up to two pips per match.

After a player's Bloodpoint score reaches 5,000 in a category, the additional Bloodpoints earned will not count towards a player's rank. For example, if a player earned 8,000 Bloodpoints in one category and 2,000 in another, the player would not gain a pip, due to the fact that each category caps at 5,000 "ranking" Bloodpoints (and therefore the total "ranking" Bloodpoints would be 7,000). However, the player would not lose a pip, due to the fact that the earned 7,000 "ranking" Bloodpoints. The "spendable" Bloodpoints received by the player at the end of the match will be 10,000.

Categorical Score Required[edit | edit source]

Bloodpoints within each category give progress to obtaining pips (e.g. Objectives, Survival, Deviousness, etc). Up to 5000 categorical score can be earned per category. The maximum Bloodpoints obtainable per category is 8000 however. (Any more will result in MAX being displayed alongside obtained points in game, and will not give more points).

Category score required Pips Awarded
0 - 7099 -1
7100 - 9999 0
10000 - 19999 1
20000 - 32000 2

Ranking[edit | edit source]

Rank totalPips.PNG

After a match has concluded, the number of pips obtained will be put towards the player's rank for either the Killer Rank or Survivor Rank. If a player has filled their pip slots to the maximum, the player will gain a level and their pips will be reset, up to level 1. If a player completes a match without receiving a pip, they will lose a pip from their rank. If they lose enough pips, they will de-rank and lose a level, up to level 20.

In the image to the right, the player is rank 19. If they gain one more pip, they will rank up (rank 18). If they fail to earn a pip three times consecutively, the player will de-rank (level 20).

As a player ranks up, the number of pips to reach the next level will increase.
The table below displays the number of pips required to rank up:

Rank Pips to Rank Up
20 - 19 3
18 - 13 4
12 - 2 5

At rank 1, pips can be accumulated and stored. There can be up to 5 pips stored on rank 1.

Seasons[edit | edit source]

On the 13th of each month, ranks reset. Currently, no ranking rewards are given by the end of the season.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before Patch 1.0.6, players were required to obtain 10,000 Bloodpoints or they would lose a pip. Patch 1.0.6 changed this to the current variation.