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Survivors are characters whose mission is to escape from the world by powering generators and avoiding being killed or sacrificed by the Killer. Every regular match will see four survivors pitted against one Killer.

List of Survivors[edit | edit source]

There are currently nine playable survivors:

Dwight Fairfield
Meg Thomas
708108516 preview MegIcon.png
Jake Park
Claudette Morel
708108516 preview ClaudetteIcon.png
Nea Karlsson
Laurie Strode
Ace Visconti
Portrait face ace.png
William Overbeck
Feng Min

There are also other survivors who are unseen in the game, and cannot be played as (see Characters).

Quotes[edit | edit source]

I am not alone. If you set aside the killers. I have found others. Survivors that are just like me. Or at least I believe so, I want to believe so. Sometimes I manage to just catch a glimpse of a poor soul as he gets carried away. Others I have actually told my name. I do not always want to know their names. It makes it harder as they hang from the hook. I help them...sometimes. Just as they help me. Fear is our common denominator. And we bond. We have nobody else. Human contact and interaction sooths this trial we share. I ask myself whether I am better off alone, or if we can come farther together. Sometimes I bare shame as I sneak away from screams. But I have equally often been on the other side, hanging two feet off the ground, whereas I see someone, watching from shrubbery. Like a witness. Maybe it is important to watch, and remind oneself that pain is not the only thing that burdens our lives at this point? But also our souls. Do we deserve to live if we were to escape?
~ Benedict Baker's Journal