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I have seen a poor new soul in this nightmare. For most of the others trapped here, fear is our common denominator. This man does not follow suit. Instead, he stands defiantly, analyzing his surroundings with an eerie confidence. In the mere glimpses of him I could afford, I saw a crooked smile as he scavenged something on the ground. Just by watching him from afar, I felt him ignite a fleeting spark of hope in my heart just before he melted into the shadows. With the remaining conviction I have left, I do pray that good fortune stays on his side.

~ Unknown (Potentially Benedict Baker)
Ace Visconti
AV charSelect portrait.png
Lucky Gambler
Argentinian of Italian descent
Of Flesh And Mud
Voice Actor
Sebastien Varas
Interal reference
Camper Male 03

Ace Visconti is one of 17 Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png currently featured in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.

He was introduced as the Survivor of CHAPTER III: Of Flesh And Mud, a Chapter DLC released on 8 December 2016.


Ace Visconti is a lucky Gambler, improving the odds of the entire team.

His personal Perks, Open-Handed IconPerks open-Handed.png, Up The Ante IconPerks upTheAnte.png & Ace In The Hole IconPerks aceInTheHole.png, boost the Luck of all Survivors and help with Chest searches.

He is one lucky bastard or at the very least he believes he is. Therefore, he's always ready to make a gamble. Often, he's right.

Difficulty rating: Easy
(based on only using his Unique Perks)


AV charPreview.png

Ace Visconti is one charming guy. With his sharp Italian looks, grey-streaked hair and silver tongue, he could pass for an ageing 50's movies star. His heart has always belonged to the cards. From his roots as a poor boy in Argentina, he gambled, scammed, seduced and smooth-talked his way to a life of luxury as a high roller in the land of opportunity. Despite money always having a way of slipping through his fingers, Ace always figured he could win more. He never fulfilled that ambition; eventually he racked up too many debts with the wrong kind of people. And when they finally came to collect, Ace was nowhere to be found. No one knew who tipped him off or where he fled to, but anyone who knew Ace Visconti can agree on one thing. He will survive: against all odds.

Ace's Perks

These are Perks that start off only appearing in Ace's Bloodweb IconHelp bloodweb.png. After achieving Level 30, Teachable versions of these Perks can be found:

  • Open-Handed - Level 30
  • Up The Ante - Level 35
  • Ace In The Hole - Level 40

Once obtained, other Survivors will be able to find Ace's perks in their respective Bloodwebs from that point onwards.

Icon Name Description

Strengthens the potential of you and your team's Aura-reading abilities.

Increases Aura reading ranges by 4/6/8 metres.

"Paying attention is what kept me alive through the years. That, and my good looks of course." — Ace Visconti

Unique to Ace Visconti‎‎ until Level 30, at which point its Teachable version can then be learned and taught to the other Survivors.

Up The Ante

All will be well in the end; you just know it. Your confidence strengthens the feeling of hope for those around you.

For each other Survivor still alive, grant a 1/2/3 % bonus to Luck IconStatusEffects luck.png to all remaining Survivors.

"What can I say? I'm just a very lucky guy... I'm sure some of it will rub off on you." — Ace Visconti

Unique to Ace Visconti‎‎ until Level 35, at which point its Teachable version can then be learned and taught to the other Survivors.

Ace In The Hole

Lady Luck always seems to be throwing something good your way.

When retrieving an Item IconHelp items.png from a Chest IconHelp chests.png, there is a 100 % chance that an Add-on IconHelp addons.png of Very Rare Rarity or lower will be attached to it.

10/25/50 % chance to find a second Add-on of Uncommon Rarity or lower.

"Everything that glitters isn't gold. But gold isn't worth a damn in this place, so this should come in handy." — Ace Visconti

Unique to Ace Visconti‎‎ until Level 40, at which point its Teachable version can then be learned and taught to the other Survivors.


Main article: Achievements

There is currently 1 Achievement which is related to Ace.

Icon Name Description
Ach adeptAce.jpg
Adept Ace Escape with Ace Visconti using only his Unique Perks: Open-Handed IconPerks open-Handed.png, Up The Ante IconPerks upTheAnte.png & Ace In The Hole IconPerks aceInTheHole.png.


Players can customise their Character by choosing one outfit style from each category. Blood-stained attire is obtained after Ace reaches Level 50 and prestiges.

Some items of clothing can only be worn if the appropriate DLC is owned.

Ace's attire includes:

Head Torso Legs


  • Prestige I - Bloody Damask Shirt (Torso)
  • Prestige II - Bloody and Lucky (Legs)
  • Prestige III - Bloody Ace (Head)


Main article: Downloadable Content

Ace is currently part of 4 DLC packages:

Available DLC

Unavailable DLC

  • Thailand BIG Tournament Exclusive
  • Taipei Game Show Exclusive


  • Ace may actually be married, you can see a silver ring on his ring finger.
  • Ace is the only Survivor so far that has a smiling model, the rest of the Survivors just frown or look stern.
  • He was the first male survivor to be part of a DLC.
  • Ace is the 7th survivor, possibly a reference to his luck.
  • Ace has a knack to never let his current situation get him down. He can be seen with a grin on his face at all times, including while being grabbed out of a closet or being ripped apart by the Hag.
  • Ace is one of three Survivors to wear glasses.


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