Archie MacMillan

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Archie MacMillan is an unseen Character in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.

Background[edit | edit source]

He was Evan MacMillan's father and greatest idol, not just because Evan was his heir, but also because he idolised the way Archie ran the family estate.

Archie, albeit a friendly and hospitable man, was first and foremost a businessman and held a tight ship with strict attitude towards the servants and staff at MacMillan Estate, often working them long and hard for little pay. It was this attitude that Evan admired.

Years later, his mental health faded away and a once loyal and neighbourly man became a near-bedridden, frail old man. Evan spent a fortune on ointments, trying to cure his father, but nothing seemed to help. Over time, Evan became fed up with his father and applied the same icy logic as his father had applied to the servants and staff: those who cannot carry their own weight don't deserve the weight they carry.

He eventually disappeared from the outside world and it is assumed that Evan, who later went on to claim responsibility for the worst mass murder in modern history, had killed his own father.