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Overview[edit | edit source]

The Bloodmarket in Dead by Daylight Mobile is the equivalent to the Bloodweb Bloodweb}} featured in the Core version of Dead by Daylight, but works very differently to it.

Instead of having an individual Bloodweb of their own, Mobile Characters share the same Bloodmarket and as a result also all of their Unlockables.
For Killers specifically, this has the effect of all Killer Add-ons competing for space in the Bloodmarket

The Bloodmarket is procedurally generated and automatically refreshes its contents every 24 hours, but can also be forced to refresh manually whenever one purchases the last 4 Unlockables.
It is also possible to manually refresh the Bloodmarket for 10,000 Bloodpoints given that at least one Unlockable was purchased from it or for 50 Auric Cells if no Unlockables were purchased.

Shelves[edit | edit source]

The Bloodmarket is composed of 5 Shelves presenting the available Unlockables for a given Bloodmarket.
Purchasing Unlockables from a Shelf will eventually unlock the next row of Shelves, with the lower Shelves having consecutively increasing chances to spawn Unlockables of higher Rarities.

Bloodmarket Ads[edit | edit source]

The Ads column at the far right of the Bloodmarket generally features Unlockables of higher Rarities, ranging from Rare to Ultra Rare.
This includes both Offerings Offerings}} and Super Mystery Boxes Mystery Boxes}}.

The Player can unlock those Unlockables in exchange for watching a short in-game advertisement.

It is possible to bypass watching Ads by progressing through the Bloodmarket solely using Bloodpoints Bloodpoints}}. However, the Player must nevertheless watch the very last Advertisement in order to refresh the Bloodmarket for free.