CHAPTER X: Darkness Among Us

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Darkness Among Us
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Release Date 11 December 2018 (Tuesday)
Category Chapter DLC
Cost $6.99
18,000 Iridescent Shards Iridescent Shards}}
Theme Music
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CHAPTER X: Darkness Among Us is the tenth Chapter DLC for Dead by Daylight Dead by Daylight}}.

This DLC features:


Darkness Among Us is a brand-new Chapter for Dead by Daylight, which includes a new Map.

The everyday contains many hazards. But the comforts of routine shroud the unfathomable risks of a threat so intimate, so familiar, that it can only be seen in hindsight. A disturbing, violent force could be raging within the people closest to you. Darkness is among us, every day.

The raw cravings and impulses of adolescence are powerful. The desire to belong can be just as unbelievably strong. When three teens get involved with an impulsive mastermind, they discover an addictive kind of freedom. Together, they spiral out of control and become the wrong kind of crowd, The Legion, which leaves no rule unbroken.

Jeff Johansen was invited to take a trip down memory lane when his past caught up with him. He returned to his home town, ready to face everything he was forced to leave behind. But the familiar isn't always safe, and it’s never too late to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Killer: The Legion

Main article: F. J. S. J.

Killer's Info

KK LE charSelect portrait.png

The Legion

Frank's future was as bleak as his childhood was miserable. He was nineteen and had little to show for it. Yet, Frank was a man of potential, who could light up a room despite his bleak childhood. Moving from one foster home to another, he finally end up in a small bungalow in Ormond, Alberta.

Ormond was a small, stale place; a remote town of six thousand inhabitants where grey winters drag on for most of the year. Frank did everything he could to get into another adoptive family, but he changed his mind when he caught the attention of a beautiful girl.

Julie was a popular girl who was convinced that she deserved better than a life in Ormond. And Frank, an outsider, was her ticket out. Frank attended the parties she threw where everyone was younger than him and easily impressed, which he liked. He met the impulsive Joey, who liked to show off, and the shy, naive Susie, who was Julie’s best friend.

They would hang out at an abandoned lodge up Mount Ormond. Their time together was the perfect break from the boring conformity of their small, insignificant everyday lives. Bullying, vandalism and theft, were essentially their weekend plans. It came to a point where they would do anything he asked. Nothing was off-limits when they put their masks on.

Killer Power - The Legion: Feral Frenzy

FulliconPowers feralFrenzy.png
FulliconPowers feralFrenzy.png
Activating Feral Frenzy causes The Legion to enter a deadly rage.

While Feral Frenzy is active:

  • The Legion runs at an increased Movement speed (5.2 m/s).
  • The Legion can vault Pallets Pallets}}, but not break.
    • The Legion vaults both Pallets and Windows at increased speed (0.9 seconds).
  • Survivors' Scratch Marks and Blood Pools are hidden from The Legion's view and only become visible again when Feral Frenzy is canceled.
  • Missing an attack ends Feral Frenzy.

Deep Wound:
While Feral Frenzy is active, hitting a Survivor who is not currently afflicted with the Deep Wound Deep Wound}} Status Effect:

  • Applies the Deep Wound Status Effect.
  • Injures Survivors that are not already Injured Injured}}.
  • Refills The Legion's Power gauge.
  • Triggers Killer Instinct, revealing the location of all Survivors not yet affected by Deep Wound, that are within The Legion's Terror Radius.

While Feral Frenzy is active, hitting a Survivor who is already afflicted by Deep Wound or missing an attack:

  • Depletes The Legion's Power gauge and ends Feral Frenzy.

Hitting a Survivor with a basic attack while Feral Frenzy is not active will deplete the Power gauge by half of its maximum.

Killer's Perks

Icon Name Description
IconPerks discordance.png

Any time two or more Survivors are working on the same Generator Generator}}, that Generator's Aura Aura}} is highlighted in yellow for 8/10/12 seconds.

"Smartasses get killed. We always see to that." — The Legion

IconPerks madGrit.png
Mad Grit

While carrying a Survivor, you suffer no cool-down on missed attacks and successfully hitting another Survivor will pause the carried Survivor's wiggle timer for 2/3/4 seconds.

"There's no getting out of this now. We're too good at it." — The Legion

IconPerks ironMaiden.png
Iron Maiden

You open Lockers Lockers}} 30/40/50 % faster.

Survivors who exit Lockers suffer from the Exposed Exposed}} Status Effect for 15 seconds and their location is revealed for 4 seconds.

"This is no place for cowards." — The Legion

Survivor: Jeff Johansen

Main article: Jeff Johansen

Survivor's Info

KS JJ charSelect portrait.png

The Quiet Artist

Jeff Johansen was born and raised in Ormond, Alberta. He grew up as a quiet, only child with an aversion for large crowds. During high school, his anxious temper was mislabelled as shyness, which he covered up with a tough, stoic persona that intimidated bullies and teachers alike.

At home, he collected heavy metal vinyl albums. The evocative symbolism on the covers inspired him to make art of his own, which helped him cope with his parents' constant fighting.

After his parents’ divorce, he was forced to move with his mother to Winkler, Manitoba, which was miles away from his home town—and his dad. In Winkler, Jeff was more isolated than ever, except for art and music. His solace came shortly after graduating high school when he started working at a local bar with live music. He found a roadie gig shortly after and left Winkler for good.

After an incident at a concert, he reoriented himself and started designing labels for microbreweries. He led a quiet, simple life brewing beer, designing tattoos, and making art for bands he liked.

All until one morning, when he got a phone call from Ormond saying that his father had passed, leaving a few things to sort out. Jeff returned to the home he left behind, but he should have never looked back.

Jeff's personal perks, Breakdown, Aftercare, and Distortion, allow him to break hooks, cooperate with other Survivors, and conceal his aura from The Killer.

Survivor's Perks

Icon Name Description
IconPerks breakdown.png

Any time you are unhooked or unhook yourself, the Hook Hook}} breaks and the Killer's Aura Aura}} is shown to you for 4/5/6 seconds.

A Hook broken by Breakdown takes 180 seconds to respawn.

"'Charge from the Belly of the Beast.'
Here's a sketch/painting on a piece of wood I saw by the side of this road. I felt like it got a story to tell. And it didn't waste its second chance." — Jeff, ink and oil wash on slice of wood, 12x16

IconPerks aftercare.png

Unlocks potential in one's Aura-reading ability.

You see the Aura Aura}} of every Survivor that:

  • You rescued from a Hook Hook}} or who rescued you from one.
  • You completed a Healing action on or who completed one on you.

They also see your Aura.

This occurs for up to 1/2/3 Survivor(s).

All effects of Aftercare are reset when you are hooked by the Killer.

"'A Mercy that Rips the Storm.'
Oil work to honour my best buddies who happen to be the best musicians I know. Their first album is still my favourite. It got me through a dark time in my life." — Jeff, oil on canvas, 16x16

IconPerks distortion.png

You start the Trial with 3 Tokens.

Whenever the Killer reads your Aura Aura}}, Distortion activates and a Token is consumed.

For the next 6/8/10 seconds while Distortion is activated, your Aura and Scratch Marks will not be shown to the Killer.

Distortion does not activate when you are in the Dying State Dying State}} or affected by Traps.

"'Death Fooled by the Cloak of Falcon Feathers.'
Sketch inspired by a few sleepless nights during winter. Exploration of Norse mythology: bravery can conceal your flaws, even when you are at your most vulnerable." — Jeff, pencil on tone paper, 12x12


Main article: Ormond

Map's Info

IconMap Kny Cottage.png

Ormond was once a small, remote ski town with idyllic slopes, but its resort turned obsolete when a deluxe ski village was built on Mount Richards less than two hours away. Mount Richards offered fresh slopes with luxurious stores and hotels, which crushed Mount Ormond's isolated, decrepit facilities.

The fate of the mountain worsened when a mining project took interest in the coal present at its summit. The mountaintop was lined by explosives to extract coal seams from under it. The project caused a public outrage and was stopped midway.

Mount Ormond is now a soulful, deforested graveyard where gangs and teenagers go looking for trouble. Some people say that the mountain hides a darkness, a bottomless hole from where no one can return.


The Legion

Head Body Weapon

Jeff Johansen

Head Torso Legs



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