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In Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png, there are two distinct roles to play and multiple Characters in each role to choose from.


Each Killer IconHelpLoading killer.png has their own strengths, weaknesses and unique power, whereas Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png initially vary only in their appearance. However, every Killer and Survivor has 3 unique Perks IconHelp perks.png to unlock in their Bloodweb IconHelp bloodweb.png which can eventually be taught to other Characters, these unlock at (Levels 30, 35 & 40).

Every Character comes with its own play style, progression path, Load-out IconHelp loadout.png and customisation options which fit your tastes. Feel free to experiment!

Playable Characters


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Main article: Survivors


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Main article: Killers
Evan MacMillan - Trapper
TR charPreview portrait.png
Philip Ojomo - Wraith
WR charPreview portrait.png
Max Thompson Jr. - Hillbilly
HB charPreview portrait.png
SH charPreview portrait.png
Herman Carter - Doctor
DO charPreview portrait.png
Anna - Huntress
BE charPreview portrait.png
Bubba Sawyer - Cannibal
CA charPreview portrait.png
Freddy Krueger - Nightmare
EK charPreview portrait.png
Jeffrey Hawk - Clown
GK charPreview portrait.png
Rin Yamaoka - Spirit
HK charPreview portrait.png
F. J. S. J. - Legion
KK charPreview portrait.png
Adiris - Plague
MK charPreview portrait.png
Danny Johnson - Ghost Face
OK charPreview portrait.png
Demogorgon - Demogorgon
QK charPreview portrait.png

Lore Characters

The following Characters are only mentioned in the Lore, but do neither appear in the Game nor are playable. The following list also shows the Character(s) they are affiliated with:

Evan MacMillan

Philip Ojomo

  • A. Azarov
    • Former employer and unwilling donor of Philip's weapon.

Max Thompson Jr.

Sally Smithson

Michael Myers

  • Dr. Sam Loomis
    • Michael's psychiatrist
  • Cynthia Myers
    • Michael's younger sister, which was eventually adopted by the Strode family and had her name changed to Laurie Strode.
  • Judith M. Myers
    • Michael's older sister, which was murdered by him.

Herman Carter


Bubba Sawyer

Freddy Krueger

  • Nancy Holbrook
    • Quentin's love interest and Freddy's obsession/antagonist.

Amanda Young

Jeffrey Hawk

Rin Yamaoka

  • Akito Yamaoka
    • a paternal ancestor of Rin and her father, son to Kazan Yamaoka.
  • Kazan Yamaoka
    • a paternal ancestor of Rin and her father, and now a fellow Killer in The Entity's Realm.
  • Renjiro Yamaoka
    • a paternal ancestor of Rin and her father, father to Kazan Yamaoka, and Samurai.
  • Rin's Parents

The Legion


Ash Williams


  • Mews
    • a cat that was owned by the Henderson family.
  • Barbara "Barb" Holland
    • a recurring character in Stranger Things - Season 1.
  • Jane "Eleven" "El" Hopper (née Ives).
    • a main protagonist in Stranger Things.

Kazan Yamaoka

  • Akito Yamaoka
    • Kazan's son.
  • Renjiro Yamaoka
    • Kazan's father and a Samurai, died by Kazan's hand when attempting to stop him on his bloody pilgrimage across Japan, trying to eliminate all impostor Samurais.
  • Rin Yamaoka
    • Descendant and fellow Killer in The Entity's Realm.

General Lore

Characters in Yellow are Moderators on the Steam Forums or Staff at Behaviour.

Unused Characters



  • Dwight Fairfield: Alpha version (original promotional material)
  • Meg Thomas: Alpha version (original promotional material)
  • Claudette Morel: Alpha version (original Trailer)
  • Jake Park: Alpha version (original Trailer)


  • Patch 1.5.0 added a new feature called Character Info, which can be brought up with F1 (PC) or D-Pad Right (PS4 and XBOX 1), giving an overview of a Character, including their Lore and unlocked Teachable Perks.
  • Every playable Character has their own unique Bloodweb IconHelp bloodweb.png.
  • As each Character's load-out is saved separately, Items IconHelp items.png cannot be transferred to other characters (with an exception to Teachable Perks).
    • However, Items and Add-ons IconHelp addons.png can be transferred between players in-game by having another player picking up an Item that another player has dropped.

THE SURVIVORS IconHelpLoading survivor.png
DF charSelect portrait.png Dwight Fairfield NK charSelect portrait.png Nea Karlsson FM charSelect portrait.png Feng Min GS charSelect portrait.png Kate Denson AW charSelect portrait.png Ash Williams
MT charSelect portrait.png Meg Thomas LS charSelect portrait.png Laurie Strode DK charSelect portrait.png David King HS charSelect portrait.png Adam Francis QF charSelect portrait.png Nancy Wheeler
CM charSelect portrait.png Claudette Morel AV charSelect portrait.png Ace Visconti ES charSelect portrait.png Quentin Smith KS charSelect portrait.png Jeff Johansen QM charSelect portrait.png Steve Harrington
JP charSelect portrait.png Jake Park BO charSelect portrait.png Bill Overbeck FS charSelect portrait.png David Tapp MS charSelect portrait.png Jane Romero SS charSelect portrait.png Yui Kimura
THE KILLERS IconHelpLoading killer.png
TR charSelect portrait.png Evan MacMillan - The Trapper IconHelpLoading trapper.png SH charSelect portrait.png Michael Myers - The Shape IconHelpLoading shape.png CA charSelect portrait.png Bubba Sawyer - The Cannibal IconHelpLoading cannibal.png HK charSelect portrait.png Rin Yamaoka - The Spirit IconHelpLoading spirit.png QK charSelect portrait.png The Demogorgon IconHelpLoading demogorgon.png
WR charSelect portrait.png Philip Ojomo - The Wraith IconHelpLoading wraith.png HA charSelect portrait.png Lisa Sherwood - The Hag IconHelpLoading hag.png EK charSelect portrait.png Freddy Krueger - The Nightmare IconHelpLoading nightmare.png KK charSelect portrait.png Frank, Julie, Susie, Joey - The Legion IconHelpLoading legion.png SK charSelect portrait.png Kazan Yamaoka - The Oni IconHelpLoading oni.png
HB charSelect portrait.png Max Thompson Jr. - The Hillbilly IconHelpLoading hillbilly.png DO charSelect portrait.png Herman Carter - The Doctor IconHelpLoading doctor.png FK charSelect portrait.png Amanda Young - The Pig IconHelpLoading pig.png MK charSelect portrait.png Adiris - The Plague IconHelpLoading plague.png
NR charSelect portrait.png Sally Smithson - The Nurse IconHelpLoading nurse.png BE charSelect portrait.png Anna - The Huntress IconHelpLoading huntress.png GK charSelect portrait.png Jeffrey Hawk - The Clown IconHelpLoading clown.png OK charSelect portrait.png Danny Johnson - The Ghost Face IconHelpLoading ghost.png
Benedict Baker The Entity IconHelp entity.png The Observer IconHelp archivesGeneral.png Vigo and many more...
The Smasher The Teacher