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In Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png, there are two distinct roles to play and multiple Characters in each role to choose from.

Each Killer IconHelpLoading killer.png has their own strengths, weaknesses and unique power, whereas Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png initially vary only in their appearance. However, every Killer and Survivor has 3 unique Perks IconHelp perks.png to unlock in their [[{{{1}}}]] [[File:|32px|link={{{1}}}]] which can eventually be taught to other Characters.

Every Character comes with its own play style, progression path, Load-out IconHelp loadout.png and customisation options which fit your tastes. Feel free to experiment!

List of Playable Characters


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Main article: Survivors
Dwight Fairfield
DF charPreview portrait.png
Meg Thomas
MT charPreview portrait.png
Claudette Morel
CM charPreview portrait.png
Jake Park
JP charPreview portrait.png
Nea Karlsson
NK charPreview portrait.png
Bill Overbeck
BO charPreview portrait.png
David King
DK charPreview portrait.png
Kate Denson
GS charPreview portrait.png
Laurie Strode
LS charPreview portrait.png
Ace Visconti
AV charPreview portrait.png
Feng Min
FM charPreview portrait.png
Quentin Smith
QS charPreview portrait.png
David Tapp
FS charPreview portrait.png
Unknown Survivor #14
UnknownSurvivor charPreview portrait.png
Coming in September 2018
Unknown Survivor #15
UnknownSurvivor charPreview portrait.png
Coming in December 2018
Unknown Survivor #16
UnknownSurvivor charPreview portrait.png
Coming in March 2019


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Main article: Killers
Evan MacMillan - Trapper
TR charPreview portrait.png
Philip Ojomo - Wraith
WR charPreview portrait.png
Max Thompson Jr. - Hillbilly
HB charPreview portrait.png
Sally Smithson - Nurse
NR charPreview portrait.png
Anna - Huntress
BE charPreview portrait.png
Jeffrey Hawk - Clown
GK charPreview portrait.png
Michael Myers - Shape
SH charPreview portrait.png
Lisa Sherwood - Hag
HA charPreview portrait.png
Junior Sawyer - Cannibal
CA charPreview portrait.png
Herman Carter - Doctor
DO charPreview portrait.png
Freddy Krueger - Nightmare
SD charPreview portrait.png
Amanda Young - Pig
FK charPreview portrait.png
Unknown Killer #13
UnknownKiller charPreview portrait.png
Coming in September 2018
Unknown Killer #14
UnknownKiller charPreview portrait.png
Coming in December 2018
Unknown Killer #15
UnknownKiller charPreview portrait.png
Coming in March 2019

List of Unseen Characters

The following Characters are mentioned in the Lore, but were never seen in-game. The list also shows the Character they are affiliated with:

Affiliated to Evan MacMillan - The Trapper

Affiliated to Philip Ojomo - The Wraith

Affiliated to Max Thompson Jr. - The Hillbilly

Affiliated to Sally Smithson - The Nurse

Affiliated to Michael Myers - The Shape

Affiliated to Herman Carter - The Doctor

  • Otto Stamper - Herman's mentor at Léry's Memorial Institute

Affiliated to Anna - The Huntress

Affiliated to Junior Sawyer - The Cannibal

Affiliated to Freddy Krueger - The Nightmare

Affiliated to Amanda Young - The Pig

Affiliated to Jeffrey Hawk - The Clown

General Lore

Characters in Yellow are Moderators on the Steam Forums or Staff at Behaviour.

List of Unused Characters



  • Jake Park: Alpha Version (Original Trailer)
  • Claudette Morel: Alpha Version (Original Trailer)

List of Speculated Characters




  • Patch 1.5.0 added a new feature called Character Info, which can be brought up with F1 (PC), giving an overview of a Character, including their Lore and unlocked Teachable Perks.
  • Every playable Character has their own unique Bloodweb IconHelp bloodweb.png.
  • As each Character's load-out is saved separately, Items IconHelp items.png cannot be transferred to other characters (with an exception to Teachable Perks).
    • However, Items and Add-ons IconHelp addons.png can be transferred between players in-game by having another player picking up an Item that another player has dropped.

The Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png
DF charSelect portrait.png Dwight Fairfield MT charSelect portrait.png Meg Thomas CM charSelect portrait.png Claudette Morel JP charSelect portrait.png Jake Park NK charSelect portrait.png Nea Karlsson LS charSelect portrait.png Laurie Strode
AV charSelect portrait.png Ace Visconti BO charSelect portrait.png Bill Overbeck FM charSelect portrait.png Feng Min DK charSelect portrait.png David King QS charSelect portrait.png Quentin Smith FS charSelect portrait.png David Tapp
GS charSelect portrait.png Kate Denson
The Killers IconHelpLoading killer.png
TR charSelect portrait.png Evan MacMillan - Trapper WR charSelect portrait.png Philip Ojomo - Wraith HB charSelect portrait.png Max Thompson Jr. - Hillbilly NR charSelect portrait.png Sally Smithson - Nurse SH charSelect portrait.png Michael Myers - Shape HA charSelect portrait.png Lisa Sherwood - Hag
DO charSelect portrait.png Herman Carter - Doctor BE charSelect portrait.png Anna - Huntress CA charSelect portrait.png Junior Sawyer - Cannibal SD charSelect portrait.png Freddy Krueger - Nightmare FK charSelect portrait.png Amanda Young - Pig GK charSelect portrait.png Jeffrey Hawk - Clown
Unseen Characters
A. Azarov Aizeyu Alex Andrew Smithson Andy Anna's Mother
Archie MacMillan The "Bad Man" Benedict Baker The "Catatonic Boy" Cecil Adams Clyde
Donna Dr. Sam Loomis Drayton Sawyer Dylan The Entity Evelyn Thompson
Father Campbell Franklin Hardesty Gideon John Kramer Harvey Kavanagh Jill Tuck John Kramer
Judith M. Myers Kenneth's Parents Max Thompson Sr. Mary Jenner - The "Anxious Girl" Murf Nancy Holbrook
Nikki Nubbins Sawyer Nurse Moris Otto Stamper Patrick Spencer Philip Elliott
Sally Hardesty Sassy Sujan Vigo
Unused Characters
The Smasher The Teacher
Speculated Characters
The Scream / The Actor John Kramer - The Jigsaw Sidney Prescott
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