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21 October - 4 November 2020
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Charms are an additional cosmetic of Dead by Daylight Dead by Daylight}} that were added with Patch 3.3.1.

They were announced on Dead by Daylight's 3 Year Anniversary Stream.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Charms are rewards for completing Tomes, unlocking Tiers in the Rift, or as giveaways. They can be equipped on a Survivor's waist or on a Killer's Hook Hook}}.

Reaching the Epilogue of a Level of certain Tome will reward the player with a Completion Charm.

'Awakening' Rift Charms[edit | edit source]

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Icon Name Rarity Description Character Collection Track Tier
RW 030.png Introduction to Botany Common She found the branch of biology that spoke to her soul. Survivors Budding Talent Free 2
RW 025.png Mouse Trapper Common Setting up traps around the mine was easy. He'd watch rodents suffer, squirming while waiting for the inevitable. Suddenly, he had all the power in the world. Killers Budding Talent Free 4
RW 005.png Pro-Technician Common Nothing beats a technician who performs the most demanding skill checks during stressful repairs. Survivors No Collection Free 10
RW 031.png Herbalism Common She discovered the nature of plants and their medicinal properties. Survivors Budding Talent Premium 10
RW 026.png Squirrel Trapper Common He ventured outside for a new challenge. Each day he'd practice how to patrol areas in the woods to catch more challenging prey. Killers Budding Talent Premium 12
RW 021.png Killer Stone Common A badge that signals a profound loyalty to the Entity. There is no greater thrill than to fuel what urges to kill. Killers Budding Talent Free 18
RW 032.png Plant Identification Common She studied the taxonomic diversity of plants, training her eye to recognize each kind. Survivors Budding Talent Premium 20
RW 027.png Wolf Trapper Common Nothing is more fulfilling than to hunt a pack of opponents. This he learned early on while hunting with his father. Killers Budding Talent Premium 26
RW 033.png Plant Biochemistry Common She began experimenting with plants to produce an array of chemical substances. Survivors Budding Talent Premium 29
RW 028.png Bear Trapper Common Hunting bears was his next move. They offered a real challenge, being stronger and bolder. He designed a special set of steel-jaw traps for the occasion. Killers Budding Talent Premium 37
RW 016.png Benevolent Crest Common The crest of those brave enough to venture through the black Fog. Survivors Budding Talent Free 38
RW 007.png Pro-Empathy Common An acute awareness that reveals those in pain. Survivors Budding Talent Free 49
RW 015.png MacMillan Mining Corp. Uncommon The corporation that mined both minerals and human lives. Survivors & Killers Realm Memorabilia Premium 3
RW 014.png Jack-O'-Lantern Uncommon A sadistic grin for a night of trick-or-terror. Survivors & Killers Hallowed Catalyst Free 7
RW 019.png Danger Ahead Uncommon There are many hidden tunnels, caution signs, and blocked exits on the MacMillan Estate. Everyone suspected the mine was used for something else... Killers Killer Memorabilia Premium 40
RW 010.png Trapper Headstone Uncommon A paleolithic slab of stone bearing the effigy of one serving the Entity. Killers Killer Memorabilia Free 43
RW 020.png Chaser Crest Uncommon No one can escape the clutches of a skilled, bloodthirsty hunter. No matter the chase, no matter the prey, death is the result. Killers No Collection Premium 51
RW 034.png Expert Botanist Uncommon Her in-depth understanding of each species' uniqueness inspired her techniques that targeted their differences. The specimen in her care always grew faster, stronger and healthier. Survivors Budding Talent Premium 55
RW 029.png Sadistic Trapper Uncommon No limits. Everything was fair now. Even humans... Especially humans... Killers Budding Talent Premium 63
RW 023.png Pustula Flower Rare A rare flower secreting a thick, pungent nectar during the "Hallowed Blight", according to Vigo's journal. Survivors & Killers Hallowed Catalyst Premium 1
RW 006.png Neon Arcade Rare A lively arcade as a symbol for what life is truly about. Survivors Survivor Memorabilia Premium 42
RW 022.png Nurse's Wooden Horse Rare A catatonic patient used to play with this horse, until his nurse suffocated him with his toy. Killers Killer Memorabilia Premium 56
RW 011.png Heavy-Duty Bear Trap Rare The perfect tool to ensnare all kinds of prey. Killers Killer Memorabilia Premium 65
RW 008.png Ficus Elastica Plant Rare The first house plant Claudette got for her dorm after leaving Montréal. Survivors Survivor Memorabilia Premium 67
RW 017.png Brand New Part Rare A challenging mechanical part that rewards the bold and punishes the reckless. Survivors & Killers Realm Memorabilia Free 70
RW 009.png Claudette Figurine Very Rare As an expert botanist, Claudette Morel was a brilliant science student with a prolific future - that is until she took a stroll that changed her life forever. Survivors Vinyl Dolls Premium 1
RW 012.png Sadistic Puppet Very Rare A shadow creeping up the wall, an eerie presence lurking. Few know what this sadistic plaything is up next. Killers Horrible Dolls Premium 1
RW 024.png Nectar Vial Ultra Rare A glass vial filled with nectar, which can be distilled into a putrid serum that holds unknown properties. Survivors & Killers Hallowed Catalyst Premium 70

'Awakening' Tome Completion Charms[edit | edit source]

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Icon Name Rarity Description
RW 001.png Inner Eye Uncommon A mysterious frequency awakens the inner eye of those who seek the truth.
RW 002.png Profound Insight Rare The more you see, the more you learn.
RW 003.png Ethereal Vision Very Rare A sharper focus for those who go deeper than most.
RW 004.png Auric Sight Ultra Rare Opening the gates of awareness provides perception that goes beyond the ordinary.

'Reckoning' Rift Charms[edit | edit source]

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Icon Name Rarity Description Character Collection Track Tier
TO 023.png Keshitsubo Bonsai Common There may be potential, but it's overgrown with doubt. Killers Adapt & Overcome Free 2
TO 028.png Sleeping Lion Common A power beast, spoiled in arrogance. Survivors Adapt & Overcome Free 4
TO 029.png Waking Lion Common A powerful beast, relegated to the barren plains. Survivors Adapt & Overcome Premium 11
TO 014.png Blood Moon Common So begins the cycle anew... Killers and Survivors Lunar New Year 2020 Free 12
TO 015.png Frosted Man Common Without a magic hat, the snowman is fortunate enough to not have a soul to be beaten, worn, and broken. Killers and Survivors The Chilling Season Premium 13
TO 024.png Shito Bonsai Common A watchful eye can see growth, slight as it may. Killers Adapt & Overcome Premium 16
TO 017.png Clapperboard Common 5, 4, 3... "I'm Jane Romero, and this is it for us today. We'll leave you with Corral Harp and a cut off her new album." Survivors Survivor Memorabilia Free 19
TO 030.png Alert Lion Common A powerful beast, saved from extinction. Survivors Adapt & Overcome Premium 25
TO 025.png Mame Bonsai Common The sprigs press forward with quiet confidence. Killers Adapt & Overcome Premium 32
TO 031.png Roaring Lion Common A powerful beast, savage and bloody. Survivors Adapt & Overcome Premium 41
TO 026.png Shohin Bonsai Common The brancas expand upon the sturdy base. Killers Adapt & Overcome Premium 49
TO 019.png Gore Flake Uncommon There's something striking about how blood contrasts against a snowy white sheet. Killers The Chilling Season Premium 5
TO 005.png Winter Flake Uncommon A symbol of winter, cold to the touch. Survivors The Chilling Season Free 7
TO 018.png Omamori Amulet Uncommon A charm for warding off evil, Kazan wore it when he left home to fulfill his destiny. Killers Killer Memorabilia Premium 27
TO 032.png Raging Lion Uncommon A powerful beast, loyal and respected. Survivors Adapt & Overcome Premium 55
TO 033.png Winter Tree Uncommon A reminder of a time when the only thing hanging on hooks were Christmas ornaments. Survivors The Chilling Season Premium 58
TO 027.png Komono Bonsai Uncommon The roots tear through the dirt, strangling all they encounter. Killers Adapt & Overcome Premium 63
TO 022.png Bokjumeoni Rare A lucky silk bag that carries good fortune. Killers & Survivors Lunar New Year 2020 Premium 1
TO 010.png Kendo Trophy Rare A humble prize awarded after a string of exhausting battles. Killers Killer Memorabilia Premium 31
TO 006.png Brass Slugger Rare David enjoyed a good ol' fashioned dust-up, but when things got out of hand, the brass came out. Survivors Survivor Memorabilia Premium 46
TO 020.png Adrenal Glands Rare The Doctor rejected notions that his job was simple torture. This was science. Killers Killer Memorabilia Premium 57
TO 007.png Livvy Award Rare And the winner for outstanding information series is... Jane Romero! Survivors Survivor Memorabilia Premium 65
TO 016.png Cand-Eye Cane Rare A unique solution for those who want more murder in their Christmas holidays. Killers & Survivors The Chilling Season Free 69
TO 008.png David King Figurine Very Rare A short-tempered brawler, David enjoyed starting his day with a pint and a punch-up. Survivors Vinyl Dolls Premium 1
TO 011.png Last Gasp Very Rare Something dark in her family's past suffocates the bloodline. Killers Horrible Dolls Premium 1
TO 021.png Lunar Lantern Ultra Rare A light to guide your way into the new lunar cycle. Survivors & Killers Lunar New Year 2020 Premium 70

'Reckoning' Tome Completion Charms[edit | edit source]

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Icon Name Rarity Description
TO 001.png Bronze Primus Coin Uncommon An item originating from Terra Primus and manifested by the Rift. Something about the structure depicted on it feels powerful and imposing.
TO 002.png Silver Primus Coin Rare An item originating from Terra Primus and manifested by the Rift. The third eye seems to imply deep-seeded knowledge or perhaps a psychic connection.
TO 003.png Gold Primus Coin Very Rare An item originating from Terra Primus and manifested by the Rift. There is something reassuring about the golden scrabbles upon it.
TO 004.png Iridescent Primus Coin Ultra Rare An item originating from Terra Primus and manifested by the Rift. The flower radiates with luminous light.

'Escalation' Rift Charms[edit | edit source]

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Icon Name Rarity Description Character Collection Track Tier
VI 023.png Forsaken Child Common The trinket of a child, alone, cold and terrified. Killers Remarkable Journeys Free 2
VI 028.png Child's Melody Common With quiet confidence, Kate picked up the guitar. Survivors Remarkable Journeys Free 4
VI 024.png Reclusive Scavenger Common The trinket of a teenager, searching for a morsel. Killers Remarkable Journeys Premium 13
VI 029.png Strummer's Melody Common Sometimes Kate's fingers missed a chord, but it didn't deter her. Survivors Remarkable Journeys Premium 16
VI 025.png Clever Hunter Common The trinket of a woman, taking fate into her own hands. Killers Remarkable Journeys Premium 25
VI 030.png Singer's Melody Common Kate's voice had a natural cadence that made people want to listen. Survivors Remarkable Journeys Premium 32
VI 013.png Ouroboros Common And so, as it ends, it begins. Survivors & Killers Mythical Relics Free 43
VI 031.png Musician's Melody Common Kate combined the guitar with her voice, as if it was a single best part of her. Survivors Remarkable Journeys Premium 44
VI 026.png Ruthless Predator Common The trinket of a killer, stalking those who approach her home. Killers Remarkable Journeys Premium 50
VI 017.png Simulation Terror Common The critics agree: "Simulation Terror is a terror to read!". Survivors Survivor Memorabilia Free 52
VI 014.png Triple Moon Common A symbol of birth, life, and death. The finality of the warning moon seems incongruous in the Entity's Realm. Survivors & Killers Mythical Relics Premium 56
VI 015.png Flower of Life Common A key to unlocking sacred wisdom or a trifling bauble? Survivors & Killers Mystical Relics Free 60

VI 012.png Tree of Life Uncommon A symbol of life, though from another perspective, it's the vessel that ferries one to death. Survivors & Killers Mystical Relics Free 9
VI 019.png Killer Tunes Uncommon Every great murder has a soundtrack. Killers Killer Memorabilia Free 12
VI 018.png Rusted Horseshoe Uncommon The few who hold a remnant of hope and innocence believe it bestows luck. Killers Into the Unknown Free 19
VI 005.png Peak 22 Keychain Uncommon Memorabilia from an ambitious, yet doomed-to-fail social media company. Survivors Survivor Memorabilia Free 27
VI 032.png Songbird's Melody Uncommon There was a spark of hope that Kate kept in her voice wherever she went. It was of greater importance than she'd know. Survivors Remarkable Journeys Premium 55
VI 027.png Deadly Terror Uncommon The trinket of a monster, asserting dominance over all in her forest. Killers Remarkable Journeys Premium 63
VI 009.png Music of Pearl Uncommon A music note formed from mother of pearl, glittering with luminosity. Survivors Survivor Memorabilia Free 66
VI 022.png Timekeeper Rare A relic that's incapable of measuring time in this realm. Killers & Survivors Into the Unknown Premium 1
VI 007.png Kate's Guitar Rare An acoustic guitar, perfectly tuned and engraved with flowers. Survivors Survivor Memorabilia Premium 3
VI 006.png Hawaiian Slice Rare A highly controversial statement that yes, pineapple belongs on pizza. Survivors Survivor Memorabilia Free 23
VI 020.png Screaming Speakers Rare There was a discordance to the damaged speakers that gave them a unique sound all to themselves. Killers Killer Memorabilia Premium 47
VI 010.png Horse Head Rare A grotesque trophy, taken from the remains of a cavalry unit. Killer Killer Memorabilia Premium 67
VI 016.png Peak 22 Thermos Rare Distributed to employees to boost morale in lieu of a bonus. Survivors Survivor Memorabilia Premium 68
VI 011.png Bunny Hood Doll Very Rare A worn-down doll, soiled, reeking, and cherished above all. Killers Killer Memorabilia Premium 15
VI 008.png Kate Denson Figurine Very Rare A hopeful songbird, Kate lifted others' spirits when all seemed lost. Survivors Vinyl Dolls Premium 23
VI 021.png Vaporous Hexahedron Ultra Rare A finely crafted container that stimulates a wisp of ever-changing fog. Survivors & Killers Into the Unknown Premium 70

'Escalation' Tome Completion Charms[edit | edit source]

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Icon Name Rarity Description
VI 001.png Iron Entity Abstract Uncommon A conceptual model of The Entity. The light rusting may be intentional.
VI 002.png Bronze Entity Abstract Rare A conceptual model of The Entity. Though the metal remains strong, it rings hollow within.
VI 003.png Gold Entity Abstract Very Rare A conceptual model of The Entity. Though lacking magnetism, the carving attracts itself to certain people.
VI 004.png Astral Entity Abstract Ultra Rare A conceptual model of The Entity. Though beautiful, it evokes anxiety in those who hold it.

Special Charms[edit | edit source]

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Icon Name Rarity Description Character Collection Event
TO 009.png Holiday Tree Uncommon A tree of light for the long winter nights.

"Have a wonderful winter 2019-2020!" -The Dead by Daylight Team

Universal Winter Cheer Winter Event 2019
WA 001.png Seal of Metatron Uncommon A symbolic amulet emanating a dark and ominous force. Universal Immemorial Talisman Chapter XVI: Silent Hill
VI 033.png Unlimited Entity-Wide Rare Hello? The mobile realm awaits your sacrifice. Universal Dropped Call Dbd-Mobile Launch Celebration
WA 002.png Vic Viper Very Rare A tribute to the white-and-blue star fighter tasked with saving the galaxy from an evil Bacterian Empire. Universal Gradius Memento CHAPTER XVI: Silent Hill
Konami Code Easter Egg
TO 013.png Longevity Blessing Event Wishing longevity in a realm of terror and torture may be more akin to a curse. Universal Lunar New Year 2020 Scarlet Swarm
TO 012.png Lunar Rat Event A clever creature, one can't help but admire it's ability to thrive in nearly any land. Universal Lunar New Year 2020 Scarlet Swarm
UN Charm003.png Fog Whisperers Artefact Artfully crafted from marble and jade, and awarded to those who lead a path through this realm's roiling mists. Universal No Collection Exclusive to Fog Whisperers
UN Charm004.png Scribe of The Entity Artefact You are one of the few who can help to translate The Entity's arcane tongue into something mortals can understand. Take heed not to absorb too much - that way madness lies! Universal No Collection Exclusive to Translators
UN Charm005.png Ban Hammer Artefact You are one of the precious few who keeps the campfire safe. This precious charm represents the hammer of justice: wield it well. Universal No Collection Exclusive to Moderators

Unobtainable Charms[edit | edit source]

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Icon Name Description
RW 018.png Pro-No-One-Escapes-Death Hope can be the deadliest trap. Strike when they believe the worst is behind them. They'll be ripe for the taking.