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Dbd-journal-chest.png The first time I found a chest, I didn’t manage to open it before a killer caught me. I got exuberated as something new shined some light on this hellish life I now live. I did not pay enough attention. But the next time I was more careful and I managed to loot it. But I must grasp whatever I find with my hands, cause all is lost if the killers lays his hands on me.
~ Benedict Baker's Journal

Chests are a way for Survivors to receive new Items IconHelp items.png during a trial by searching through one of them, which takes roughly 10 seconds.

Each Map contains several chests placed in random locations. Some chests that usually spawn inside or near landmarks have fixed locations if they spawn.

There is always a chest inside the Basement IconHelp basement.png: either behind the wall with two adjacent lockers or in the far left corner.

Chests make an audible rustling sound when a Survivor searches through them, which can be heard by other Survivors, but also by the Killer, and as some locations of those chests are fixed, an experienced Killer might very well find you this way. The basement chest is especially dangerous to search through with a Killer nearby, as it's usually the only chest in the vicinity. It's not advised to search through it unless you are sure that the Killer is not nearby.

If a Survivor quickly stops looting a Chest by pressing the sprint button, the lid will close with a loud clap as well as give the Killer an audio and visual notification of the location of the Chest.

The loot gained from Chests is random and depends on Luck. Luck Offerings and Perks like Up The Ante IconPerks upTheAnte.png and Plunderer's Instinct IconPerks plunderersInstinct.png positively affect the rarity of the loot, whereas Ace In The Hole IconPerks aceInTheHole.png adds a chance for that loot to come with Add-ons.

Only Items with a Rarity up to Very Rare can be obtained from Chests.

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