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Daily Rituals

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Daily Rituals are side-objectives available to Players in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.


Daily Rituals can be completed by both Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png and Killers IconHelpLoading killer.png in return for Bloodpoints IconHelp bloodpoints.png when completed. Daily Rituals cannot be completed during private matches (Kill Your Friends).

A new Daily Rituals is generated every day, up to a maximum of 3 active at the same time. Additionally, the Player may remove one Daily Rituals per day (UTC), which is immediately replaced with a new one.

List of Daily Rituals

Survivor Rituals

Icon Name Reward Description
DailyRitualIcon objectives.png
The Reconstruction Ritual 25,000 BPs Repair the equivalent of 3 full Generators IconHelpLoading generators.png.
The Way Of Light 30,000 BPs Successfully open 1 Exit Gate IconHelp exitGates.png with the Survivor.
DailyRitualIcon survival.png
The Awakening 25,000 BPs Escape and survive 1 time with the Survivor.
Relic Veneration 30,000 BPs Escape and collect 1 new Item IconHelp items.png.
DailyRitualIcon altruism.png
Blood Dance 25,000 BPs Heal other Survivors for the equivalent of 3 Health State IconStatusEffects healing.png.
The Saviour Ritual 35,000 BPs Rescue 3 Survivors from the Hook IconHelpLoading hook.png with the Survivor.
The Initiation 25,000 BPs Perform cooperative actions for a total of 180 seconds.
DailyRitualIcon boldness.png
Rite Of Ruin 20,000 BPs Sabotage the equivalent of 2 full Hooks IconHelpLoading hook.png.
Wild Dance 30,000 BPs Be chased by the Killer for a total of 2 minutes with the Survivor.

Killer Rituals

Icon Name Reward Description
DailyRitualIcon brutality.png
Mors Ambitio 60,000 BPs By your hands, kill 1 Survivor with the Killer.
DailyRitualIcon deviousness.png
Rites 20,000-30,000 BPs With the Killer, use their ability on 3-5 Survivors.
  • For further details, see below:
Rite of the Bell 20,000 BPs With the Wraith IconHelpLoading wraith.png, uncloak and surprise attack 4 Survivors.
Rite of the Chains 25,000 BPs With the Hillbilly IconHelpLoading hillbilly.png, chainsaw 3 Survivors.
Rite of the Jaws 25,000 BPs With the Trapper IconHelpLoading trapper.png, catch 3 Survivors in a Bear Trap.
Rite of the Last Breath 30,000 BPs With the Nurse IconHelpLoading nurse.png, blink and hit 4 Survivors.
Rite of the Dark Within 30,000 BPs With the Shape IconHelpLoading shape.png, stalk Survivors for a total of 4 Evil Within tier-ups.
Rite of Flesh and Mud 30,000 BPs With the Hag IconHelpLoading hag.png, teleport and hit 4 Survivors.
Rite of the Mind Shock 30,000 BPs With the Doctor IconHelpLoading doctor.png, hit a Survivor with the Shock Therapy attack 4 times.
Rite of the Hatchet 30,000 BPs With the Huntress IconHelpLoading huntress.png, hit a Survivor with the Hunting Hatchets 4 times.
Rite of the Butcher 30,000 BPs With the Cannibal IconHelpLoading cannibal.png, down a Survivor with your Chainsaw 4 times.
Rite of the Nightmare 30,000 BPs With the Nightmare IconHelpLoading nightmare.png, achieve the Dream Chaser score event 4 times
Rite of the Ungrateful 30,000 BPs With the Pig IconHelpLoading pig.png, land 4 Ambush Dash attacks.
Rite of the Clown 30,000 BPs With the Clown IconHelpLoading clown.png, hit 4 intoxicated Survivors.
Rite of the Spirit 30,000 BPs With the Spirit IconHelpLoading spirit.png, hit 4 Survivors after coming out of the Phase-Walk.
Rite of the Plague 30,000 BPs With the Plague IconHelpLoading plague.png, hit 4 Survivors affected by the maximum infection with your base Weapon.
Rite of The Ghost Face 30,000 BPs With The Ghost Face IconHelpLoading ghost.png, while leaning, Mark 3 Survivors to apply the Exposed status effect. Hit the marked Survivors.
Rite of The Demogorgon 30,000 BPs With The Demogorgon IconHelpLoading demogorgon.png, hit 5 Survivors with a fully charged Shred attack.
Rite of the Oni 30,000 BPs With the Oni IconHelpLoading oni.png, Demon Strike 4 Survivors while Blood Fury is active.
Rite of The Deathslinger 30,000 BPs With the Deathslinger IconHelpLoading deathslinger.png, spear, reel, and hit 5 Survivors.
DailyRitualIcon hunter.png
The Hunt Ritual 45,000 BPs Chase the Survivors for a total of 3 minutes with the Killer.
DailyRitualIcon sacrifice.png
Worship by Sacrifice 30,000 BPs Complete 2 Sacrifices with the Killer.


  • Each Killer IconHelpLoading killer.png has a uniquely named Rite Daily Ritual.
  • The Rites Daily Rituals differ in values and rewards from Killer to Killer. The rewards so far range from anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 BPs for using a Killer's ability on 3 to 5 Survivors.
    • This is because not all Killers Powers are equally easy/difficult to use. For the average Killer, a Surprise Attack after an uncloak as The Wraith IconHelpLoading wraith.png is far easier to land than a successful Chainsaw Attack with The Hillbilly IconHelpLoading hillbilly.png, hence why the latter will award the Player with more points upon completion than the former.
  • In Events in which a goal can be a floating point number (chase duration, generator repair, etc.), the game will round this value and so players may not receive the reward despite appearing to have completed the ritual.
  • Daily Ritual Bloodpoints IconHelp bloodpoints.png rewards are not doubled during the event of a Bloodhunt or a Blood Rush.


  • The Rite of the Ungrateful used to require a Pig Player to kill 1 with a Reverse Bear Trap. Since that proved too situational and difficult to achieve and was highly disliked by the Community, the Developers changed it to the current requirements with Patch 1.9.2.


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