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The Dark Mist fogging up a map.

The Dark Mist is a recurring feature in every match, and cannot be completely removed. For both the Killers and Survivors, the mist adds a sense of uncertainty to a player's location, making it ideal for Survivors to attempt to hide in plain sight and escape the Killer.

However, Killers that rely on stealth actually benefit from the mist, especially The Wraith, The Shape and The Pig. The mist makes them harder for Survivors to spot from a distance.

Thickness[edit | edit source]

The thickness of the Dark Mist can be altered with Reagent Offerings.
Clear Reagent and Murky Reagent mark the minimum and maximum achievable values of thickness:

Offering Rarity Effect Stacks?
Clear Reagent Common Slightly lessens the Dark Mist by 50 % Yes
Faint Reagent Common Slightly thickens the Dark Mist by 25 % Yes
Hazy Reagent Uncommon Moderately thickens the Dark Mist by 50 % Yes
Murky Reagent Very Rare Considerably thickens the Dark Mist by 75 % Yes

Stackable?[edit | edit source]

Reagent Offerings can be combined freely as they all stack amongst themselves. Possible combinations and their resulting mist thickness are:

Combo Equal to
Clear Reagent + Faint Reagent Slightly less thickness
Clear Reagent + Hazy Reagent Default thickness
Clear Reagent + Murky Reagent Faint Reagent
Faint Reagent + Hazy Reagent Murky Reagent

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Clear Reagent
Faint Reagent
Hazy Reagent
Murky Reagent

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