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The Shrine of Secrets IconHelp shrineOfSecrets.png
(Weeks 28 - 29)
Teachable Perk Cost Unique Perk of
Teachable botanyKnowledge.png
Botany Knowledge 2000 Icon iridescentShards.png Claudette Morel
AS CM charSelect portrait.png
Teachable shadowborn.png
Shadowborn 2000 Icon iridescentShards.png Wraith
AK WR charSelect portrait.png
Teachable upTheAnte.png
Up the Ante 2000 Icon iridescentShards.png Ace Visconti
DS AV charSelect portrait.png
Teachable thrillingTremors.png
Thrilling Tremors 2000 Icon iridescentShards.png Ghost Face
OK GH charSelect portrait.png
refreshes in 7 days
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CHAPTER XVI: Silent Hill
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