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The Admin noticeboard is one way through which users can notify Administrators of issues needing administrative attention. While users are welcome to directly contact specific administrators (especially if they are seen to be active), posting here can be an easier and quicker way of ensuring that at least one admin will notice an issue and respond to it promptly. Remember to sign (using four tildes: ~~~~) when posting an issue.

Before posting an issue here, please consider the following:

  • This Page is for reporting Wiki issues only.
  • Post only issues that require administrative action, i.e. blocking vandals, protecting pages, restoring deleted pages etc.
  • Do not post deletion requests here. Deletion requests should be made by adding {{delete|reason for deletion request}} to the top of the target page, which will then automatically mark the page as a candidate for deletion.
  • Do not post issues regarding content disputes. Try making a request for comment instead.
  • Mediation requests between users should only be made once a resolution could not be reached between users.
  • For issues regarding the use of this wiki, please see our help center.

In case of vandalism, posting about it here is low priority. Revert it first, anyone can do so. If the vandal created a new page, tag it for deletion. Assume good faith and consider leaving a message on that user's talk page to explain the reason. Post here only if the user has made several disruptive edits and/or persists despite a warning. Always avoid a revert war with the vandal; it is far better to wait until an admin has a chance to intervene. If a user must be reported here, please use {{user}}, preferably as the topic subject/headline.

Wiki Issues[edit source]

Current[edit source]

Resolved[edit source]

Shrine Of Secrets[edit source]

There are some problems with the shrine in the main page of the wiki. Shrine numbers has been modified for this week, but only refreshing the main page sometimes you'll see the modified shrine, sometimes returns to the week before. Could be caused by the last week (47/47)?
Captivity96 (talk) 17:10, 15 November 2017 (UTC)

Last Week's Shrine was 45 - 46. The numbers are Calendar weeks, not Shrine 45 of 46 or something similar. Read it as "Shrine of Weeks 45 through 46" as the Shrine changes mid-week.
Gamepedia is migrating Wikis at the moment, which can cause some issues with Template transclusion by the looks of it. I'm sure it'll resolve itself once the migrations are finished.
Doc Sulphur (talk) 18:45, 15 November 2017 (UTC)

Smasher[edit source]

Hello Admins

I wanted to create a page for "The Smasher," an unused Killer from the earliest stages of game development. Here is basically everything about him:

"The Smasher was one of the unused characters from the prototype stages of Dead By Daylight's development. The character was able to destroy all obstacles within a level (including trees, walls, buildings, etc) and was removed early in the game development cycle. His removal was due to the team realizing it would be difficult to balance a character who was able to remove all of the stage elements. The character was revealed to the public during Developer Stream #72, which also mentions the removal of the Survivor's "Climb" ability"

Thanks in advanced, KFrosty (talk) 08:33, 13 October, 2017 (UTC)

What exactly is the Problem?
Doc Sulphur (talk) 08:47, 13 October 2017 (UTC)
Whenever I attempt to create a new page on this wiki, I get the following notification: "This action has been automatically identified as harmful, and therefore disallowed. If you believe your action was constructive, please inform an administrator of what you were trying to do. A brief description of the abuse rule which your action matched is: Prevent creation of unwanted new pages"
KFrosty (talk) 15:26, 13 October, 2017 (UTC)
I don‘t know what could cause that error. I will create the page for you and then you can edit it. Please use the other pages as a reference though, the keep the formatting uniform.
Doc Sulphur (talk) 11:23, 14 October 2017 (UTC)