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Discord[edit source]

I've made a Discord server for this wiki. All are welcome. Invite link --Pcj (talk) 22:17, 15 May 2019 (UTC)

Uniting this wiki with Fandom's Dead by Daylight community[edit source]

For those who have not yet heard: Last year, Gamepedia and Fandom joined forces and are now two platforms on the same network. Later this year, we'll even become one unified platform. The teams at both Gamepedia and Fandom want to encourage our communities to work together now instead of splitting their efforts and competing with each other for readers and new editors.

I'd like to know how all of you here feel about uniting with Fandom's Dead by Daylight community. That would mean we archive one wiki - lock it from editing but keep the pages accessible to readers - and put a banner up that directs visitors towards the other, active wiki. Anyone who used to edit the now-archived wiki would be able to contribute to the active wiki, and any content on one side that's missing on the other can be moved over with edit histories intact. Note: No merger will take place if both communities don't agree to it.

The advantages of uniting on one site are clear: By working together, all fans of Dead by Daylight could build a resource on the game more effectively, keep it up-to-date more easily, and players would no longer be confused as to which site they should turn to for information. Both wikis have very significant amounts of content. This Gamepedia wiki gets over 5 million page views per month where the Fandom wiki sees about 300k per month. That makes this the logical wiki to double down on and merge in to. Keep in mind that later this year, both the Gamepedia and the Fandom wiki will move onto the same platform and then have a very similar if not the same layout, tool set and staff support.

So: Are you interested in merging with your partner community on Fandom? Please speak up!

RE: Uniting the Communities[edit source]

There are several major reasons why I am against merging with the Fandom Wiki and advocate for just closing it down.
I would like it to be noted that I don't just speak as a Wiki Guardian of this here Wiki, but also as an Administrator/Wiki Moderator of the Fandom Wiki:

  1. The Fandom Wiki is horrendously outdated at this point and many "newer" articles have nothing other than the placeholder section titles.
  2. The Fandom Wiki has had a history of plagiarism and content theft of our Wiki (Game_widow should be able to verify that). This likely due to a lack of original content creators.
  3. The Fandom Wiki, at this point, has zero information featured on it that is not already on our Wiki, there is no content worth merging from there to here.
  4. The Gamepedia Wiki has recently received official support from Dead by Daylight's Community Managers and will continue to receive it for the foreseeable future, official support that the Fandom Wiki does not have.

Signed, Doc (talk) 20:34, 14 July 2020 (UTC)

RE: Uniting the Communities[edit source]

I also think merging the two Wikis isn't the best way to go, that would be archiving and turning the Fandom wiki into a link to ours. As Doc said, the Fandom wiki is outdated, often plagiarizes content from this wiki, and features no relevant information we don't (the only thing I could find was that they do physical descriptions and give biographical information about the Survivors, a big part of which is mostly speculative since such information is not featured in-game and is not relevant for the most part).

I don't know why Dead by Daylight has two distinct wikis, I think this shouldn't have happened in the first place, but it would be beneficial to all sides to only have one wiki, and since there's very little to no information they have that we don't, the archiving and "deletion" of the other wiki would be barely noticeable to users of this wiki.

I think us Wiki Guardians share the same take on this issue, I just don't know what the other administrator of the Fandom wiki thinks.

Sincerely, Fichte (talk) 20:53, 14 July 2020 (UTC)

Fandom should join Wiki, not the other way around[edit source]

That's it. In the title. Fandom is outdated and badly organized and Wiki is neat. Fandom should join Wiki instead.