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The Dream World is one of 6 known sub-realms to the Entity's Realm in which Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png takes place.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Dream World is used exclusively by The Nightmare IconHelpLoading nightmare.png.

The Dream World is on a different plane of existence to the Entity's Realm, marked by thick clouds of fog, a sky streaked with black and white and everything being considerably drained of colour. The overall effect is similar to as if the Entity's Realm would be viewed through an old black and white television set, but with some tints of colour remaining.

Entering the Dream World[edit | edit source]

The Nightmare's mere presence in a Trial slowly lulls Survivors to sleep, indicated by a timer near their icons. When the timer is emptied, they enter a "dream state" - indicated by a cloud around their icon - and are treated as being in the Dream World.

At the beginning of the Trial, the Survivors have 60 seconds before they fall asleep. The Nightmare can immediately force a Survivor into the Dream World by successfully attacking them; additionally, some of his higher-level Add-ons automatically force one or all of the Survivors to begin the Trial in the Dream World.

Dream World Effects[edit | edit source]

The Nightmare becomes fully visible to Survivors within the Dream World; however, The Heartbeat heard within his Terror Radius is replaced with a hummed lullaby. The lullaby is quieter than the Heartbeat and seems to come from all directions at once, making it impossible for Survivors to identify The Nightmare's position relative to them.

Dreaming Survivors can be affected by The Nightmare's Dream Snares and Dream Pallets, hindering their movement through the Map. Many of The Nightmare's Add-ons further penalize Survivors in the Dream World, either by hindering them or empowering the Killer.

Leaving the Dream World[edit | edit source]

To escape the Dream World, Survivors must awaken from their sleepwalking state. This can be accomplished in one of six ways:

  • Being woken up by an awake Survivor.
  • Getting hooked.
  • Being healed from the Dying State.
  • Failing a Generator, Sabotage, or Healing Skill Check.
  • Activating Adrenaline IconPerks adrenaline.png.
  • Using the Alarm Clocks found around the map.

Once a Survivor wakes up, they return to the normal world and their sleep timer is reset to 30 seconds.

Other Sub-Realms[edit | edit source]

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