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The Endgame Collapse is a Game Mechanic in Dead by Daylight Dead by Daylight}}, that was implemented with Patch 2.7.0.


In order to improve the overall Trial experience, Endgame Collapse is a mechanic that pressures all lingering Survivors to escape during a specific time frame before they get claimed and sacrificed by The Entity Entity}}.

The Endgame Collapse raises the stakes, urging the Killer and the Survivors to make tough decisions while under the pressure of a timer.


Endgame Collapse can be activated twofold:

Both the Killer and the Survivors can open an Exit Gate, the Killer will perform this interaction much faster than the Survivors and the action will reset if interrupted.

Endgame Phase

Endgame Collapse Timer.png
  • All remaining Generators Generators}} will become blocked by the Entity Entity}} to prevent any further Repair attempts.
  • A timer of 2 minutes will appear at the top of the screen, slowly ticking down.
    • The timer slows to half speed whenever Survivors are in the Dying State Dying State}} or on a Hook Hook}}, but never halts completely.
      • The maximum time for which the Endgame Collapse can last is therefore 4 minutes.
  • Once the timer runs out, any Survivors remaining in the Trial Grounds will be sacrificed by The Entity.
  • Whenever the timer hits another quadrant of the bar, a bell will toll and announce the impending collapse drawing closer.


  • Internally, the Endgame Collapse is considered a DLC, titled "Nepal", coinciding with when the update was released to Dead by Daylight; in-between CHAPTER XI ("Mali") and CHAPTER XII ("Oman").