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The Entity taking Meg.
Dbd-journal-entity.png This thing, that I dubbed The Entity, is evil in its purest form. I find it hard to spot, but I can hear the cracking sound this loathsome thing emanates. Like a deity, it surrounds the area, closing in on me as its killers hunt me. It does not seem to be dangerous in itself. Not until you are caught and the killer hangs you from one of the abhorrent hooks. I have ended up there over and over and every time I yearn for both release as well as escape. Pain melts with fear in a most horrid way. Yet I return to it, more or less every night. Once on the hook, the Entity takes over, pulling one upwards to something else.
~ Benedict Baker's Journal, November 1896

The Entity is an omnipotent non-player Character in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.


The Entity is the almighty, malevolent being that created the nightmare Realms of trials in which the Killers IconHelpLoading killer.png and Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png are trapped.

Not much is known about The Entity, and it is rarely seen, except for when it manifests to claim its sacrificed Survivors. Some Survivors claim to have caught a glimpse of it in the deep, dark fog beyond the trial walls. It was probably just their eyes playing tricks on them.



After a Character IconHelpLoading players.png reaches Level 10, the Entity will begin to share the Bloodweb IconHelp bloodweb.png with that Character. After the Player has bought numerous Nodes from the Character's Bloodweb, a dark, smoky patch will appear, and the Player will then take turns with The Entity in taking Nodes from the Bloodweb: The Entity will move to another Node after every purchase is made by the Player. The Nodes consumed by The Entity cannot be obtained from that particular Bloodweb, and so rarer Bloodweb Nodes, such as Perks, will not be obtainable until the Player levels up again. When The Entity cannot take over any of the adjacent Nodes, it will move to another place.


The Entity is a nameless evil that lives in the space between our world and our imagination, the kind of place only revealed in dreams. To obtain its source of sustainment, The Entity reaches out into the hearts of susceptible victims and corrupts them into performing hideous acts of violence, because the only way for it to manifest itself in the real world is through an act of violence so extreme, that it results in fatalities.

Once this event has taken place, The Entity has a handhold into our world, being able to pull people through this weak spot into its own nightmarish construct, the Realms of The Entity. The first victims are the corrupted ones, those pushed to do the deeds that summoned this ancient evil in the first place - the Killers IconHelpLoading killer.png.

Prey for The Entity comes in the form of uncorrupted victims - the Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png. Normal people who stumble into these corrupted areas and are pulled through by The Entity with no memory of how it happened. Once they awaken by The Campfire in the nightmare, there is no escape for them anymore.

The Entity builds a reflection of the real world in its construct to confuse the Survivors. Unable though to really understand the true nature of the world it touches, it tries to replicate it as best it can, although it never quite gets it right. As a result, the world is an ever changing nightmarish fusion of familiar and strange elements as The Entity makes up what it cannot comprehend.

In this bizarre world, there are several familiar parts. The Maps and their Realms are based on the world it infects and there are strange mechanical Generators IconHelpLoading generators.png that the Survivors can power up to open two Exit Gates IconHelp exitGates.png. If they succeed they will escape, although only back to The Campfire that they started from.

The Entity feeds on strong emotions, for example the Killer's rage, the Survivors' desperation, hope or even affection towards other Survivors. The easiest way for it to procure those strong emotions is through the never-ending trials, invoking hope in Survivors towards an escape from the nightmarish construct. The actual process of feeding itself comes in the form of the sacrifice. It is through that bizarre ritual that The Entity can extract the nourishment it needs to increase its power and sustain itself. Its eventual goal is to consume the world, and each sacrifice plays a part in that growth.

With each passing death, a little of the Survivor's soul is lost. Eventually as all hope evaporates, the Survivor becomes less and less useful to the Entity, slowly devolving into a cold and emotionless shell. These lost Survivors, whose hope has long since left them, are eventually throw into what is known as "The Void", a limbo full of such empty shells.

An entry in Vigo's Journal reveals that once a year, The Entity undergoes a purge, which infests it with blight. The blight manifests itself in the form of cankers spawning throughout the Realms, which bloom into pustulas from a mysterious nectar can be harvested.


The Killers are made to do the Entity's bidding, which is to relentlessly hunt and kill the Survivors. Many Killers do not do so willingly, although some are happy to sate their Bloodlust. Some have to be tortured over endless years to be coerced into doing what The Entity wants. The Entity is ever patient and the torture ever more severe. Eventually they all cave in and start the hunt for the Entity.

The sacrifice is essential for The Entity, with the Killers being rewarded by their master for successfully sacrificing and only the best Killers being granted the boon to slaughter Survivors on the spot.

The Entity actively recruits its Killers by sensing their killing potential in their mortal selves, before corrupting them into committing violent or evil acts. It is possible for it to change its mind during the process of converting the human into a new Killer and choosing someone else instead if it senses greater potential in them, as happened with Rin Yamaoka and her father, the latter having originally been chosen to become a Killer.


After a hooked Survivor has less than half of their Health Bar remaining, The Entity will attempt to take them.

If a Survivor is hooked by the Killer a second time and the Health Bar was not halfway depleted after the first one, they will be able to struggle against The Entity, delaying their imminent death and giving other Survivors a chance to rescue them once more. However their Health Bar will continue to slowly deplete as this happens. If a Survivor does not struggle, The Entity will take them and they cannot be saved.

If a Survivor had less than half of their Health Bar remaining when they were rescued and are placed on a Hook IconHelpLoading hook.png again, or if they are the last remaining Survivor, they will be immediately taken by The Entity and cannot be saved nor struggle.


  • As The Entity is a non-player Character, it cannot be killed. However, The Entity can only kill Survivors who have been placed on a Hook by the Killer.
  • If a Survivor vaults the same Window IconHelp window.png three times within the same chase, The Entity will make a wall of spikes appear in that Window, temporarily blocking that particular Survivor from vaulting it another time. Similarly, if a Killer tries to exit the trial through the gate, The Entity will block their path with spikes.


  • In its Realm, The Entity is everything that one sees except for the Killers and Survivors, meaning it is part of what it creates.
  • The Entity was referred to as an "Emotion Vampire", when asked about how it sustains itself.
  • The Entity is possibly of female gender.
    • This is based on the fact that French, the mother tongue of most of the Developers, neither possesses a pronoun for "it", nor a grammatically neutral gender. The Entity's original French name, "Entité" is a feminine noun speaking in terms of grammar.
  • Towards the beginning of the Entity's parasitic relationship with the real world, there may have been some trial and error, namely with the existence of Trials and their emphasis on Generators and other in-game objects. It's also very possible that the first Killer was not a success--and promptly thrown into the Void--as noted by the Developers.
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