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Exit gate.png The only possible escape lies behind huge ornate metal gates. They taunt me every time I lay my eyes on them keeping me in, as a caged animal. But as I discovered, they can be opened. Somehow these generators are the key to getting them open. As I managed to repair enough of them, the gates opened, and I ran with all my soul towards the campfire in the distance. Sometimes I escape and sometimes I stare the Entity in the eye and wake up at the never ending fire. Why aren’t the killers following me through the gates? I might never know.
~ Benedict Baker's Journal
IconHelp note.png It seemed to me that repairing those Generators was the only way to power this Switch Box. What would happen if I were to activate it?.
~ Mysterious Note

Exit Gates are one of two potential ways for Survivors Survivors}} to escape the Trial grounds in Dead by Daylight Dead by Daylight}}.


Although Exit Gates are visible from the beginning of the trial, they will remain in a deactivated state until enough Generators Generators}} have been repaired by Survivors.

The remaining number will be displayed to both the Survivors and the Killer in the bottom left of their screen. The amount of Generators Survivors need to fix in order to activate the Exit Gates is the number of Survivors loaded into the trial plus one.


Once enough Generators have been repaired, both the Survivors and the Killer will receive an auditory and visual cue, displaying the location of the Exit Gates (temporarily for Survivors, permanently for Killers). Survivors may also use Wake Up! Wake Up!}} to see the location of the Gates when within range.

Survivors using a Map (Item) Map (Item)}} with the Yellow Wire Yellow Wire}} Add-on or just a Rainbow Map Rainbow Map}} can track the Exit Gates and display their locations at will.


Exit Gates take Survivors 20 seconds to open, with each of the three red lights above the Switch Box lighting up at each quadrant of the progress bar. If a Survivor interrupts the Gate-opening process, the Gate's current progress will be saved. Killers take 1 second to open an Exit Gate and can only do so if the Endgame Collapse Endgame Collapse}} has not commenced.

Once at least one of the two Exit Gates has been opened, the Endgame Collapse will commence. Survivors then have anywhere from 120 to 240 seconds (the timer slows anytime a Survivor is in the Dying State Dying State}} or on a Hook Hook}}) to escape the Trial Grounds.

If the Killer walks near the escape boundary, The Entity Entity}} will spawn the same spikes that usually block vaults for Survivors, stopping the Killer from leaving the Trial grounds. Those Exit Gate spikes may also appear for Survivors for as long as the Killer Perk Blood Warden Blood Warden}} is active.


Due to the height of the walls on The Underground Complex map and the fact that it is situated underground, it has Exit Doors instead of Exit Gates. The Exit Switch look the same, the doors, however, look completely different.

There is also completely different animation for the opening of the Exit Doors: both sides of the door slide sidewards and a metallic plate behind the door rises upwards.

The Dead Dawg Saloon Map also features a different iteration of Exit Gates. The Gates have a new Switch and a smoke chimney on them. The smoke only starts coming out when the last Generator is repaired.

Change Log

Patch 1.5.0

  • Increased the opening time of Exit Gates from formerly 15 seconds to 20 seconds.


  • Gaining Tokens with Remember Me Remember Me}} will increase the duration of the opening sequence by increments of 4 seconds up to a total of 8/12/16 additional seconds.
  • Wake Up! Wake Up!}} will reveal the Gates' Auras once they are powered and also accelerate the opening sequence by 5/10/15 %.
  • Blood Warden Blood Warden}} will temporarily stop Survivors from leaving through the Exit Gates by blocking them with the Entity spikes should a Survivor be hooked post-exit.
  • The Pig Pig}} can stop Survivors from escaping through the Exit Gates as an activated Reverse Bear Trap will trigger if a Survivor tries to leave with it still on their head.


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