Granma's Heart

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Granma's Heart is a Very Rare Blackened Catalyst IconPowers blackenedCatalyst.png Add-on IconHelp addons.png.

Icon Description Bloodpoints IconHelp bloodpoints.png
FulliconAddon granmasHeart.png The cold heart of the cannibal village elder. The trapped life essence within unlocks tremendous potential in The Hag's power.
  • Reduces The Hag's Terror Radius to 0 metres when a Survivor triggers a Phantasm Trap.
  • Increases a Mud Phantasm's Terror Radius to 16 metres for the tripped Phantasm Trap duration time

"Bring me another slice of the girl." — Granma

6,000 BPs

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Granma's Heart does not work with Rusty Shackles FulliconAddon rustyShackles.png as the latter prevents the spawning of Phantasms.