Iridescent Shards

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Iridescent Shards are a currency in Dead by Daylight that were released in Patch 1.2.0.


Iridescent Shards are earned by playing ranked matches, and are not earned in the Kill Your Friends mode. The amount of Iridescent Shards obtained scales with the amount of time spent per trial, up to a maximum of 10 shards per game.

Players can only hold a maximum of 1000 Iridescent shards.


Iridescent Shards can be spent in the Shrine of Secrets, in exchange for teachable perks. When a perk is purchased from the Shrine of Secrets, it is removed from the market, but will be replaced at the end of the rotation, which takes place every 7 days.

Teachable perks usually cost 550 IS. The ones of characters from the newest DLC cost 750 IS.

If a player already has unlocked one of the teachable perks available for purchase, buying this perk again from the Shrine of Secrets will instead grant 25K Bloodpoints.

If that perk is from a character of the newest DLC, it will instead grant 35K Bloodpoints.


  • Iridescent Shards are the second currency to be released in the game, after Bloodpoints.
  • After spending your shards on a perk, the perk is teachable to all Killers or Survivors and is found in the characters Bloodweb.