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The Jigsaw Boxes are Props featured in Dead by Daylight Dead by Daylight}} that was added with Patch 1.9.0


A Jigsaw Box on The Game
Billy on the TV set next to a table with Sketches of Reverse Bear Traps.

Jigsaw Boxes are a way for Survivors Survivors}} to try to get rid of Reverse Bear Traps that The Pig Pig}} has put on their heads.

Each Map that features The Pig as the Killer spawns with a set number of Jigsaw Boxes. The Pig can alter this number by using certain Add-ons Add-ons}} for her Power.

They give off distinct sound cues of moving mechanical parts.

Billy, the Jigsaw Puppet

Jigsaw Boxes are easily recognised due to the presence of "Billy", Jigsaw's Puppet, who sits atop of each Box.

He can also be seen on the TV sets featured throughout The Game.


A randomly chosen Jigsaw Box will be the Key to unlocking the Reverse Bear Traps, the others serve as decoys. Each Trap will have its Key hidden in a randomly selected Box.

A Survivor with a Reverse Bear Trap on their head will see the Aura of all available Jigsaw Boxes, unless The Pig has Rules Set No.2 Rules Set No.2}} equipped. Interacting with the boxes will trigger Skill Checks Skill Checks}}. Failing these Skill Checks will give a progress penalty and a Loud Noise Notification for The Pig, similar to a failed Hook Sabotage. By default, searching a box takes 12 seconds.

Once the progress bar is full, either of two things will happen depending on whether or not it was the correct Jigsaw Box:

Correct Jigsaw Box

  • The Reverse Bear Trap will be removed from the Survivor's head and be gone for good.

Wrong Jigsaw Box

  • Jigsaw's puppet, "Billy", will laugh at the Survivor and the Reverse Bear Trap remains on the Survivor's head.
    • The Survivor will have to search for another Jigsaw Box and try their luck anew.
  • The Box's white Aura will no longer be shown to the Survivor, only those of the remaining ones.


Icon Name Stacking Tinkerer Rarity Description
Workshop Grease}}
Workshop Grease A modification to the Jigsaw Box: the lubricated parts make the search a more delicate exercise.
  • Slightly increases Jigsaw Box Skill Check Skill Check}} Trigger odds.
Razor Wires}}
Razor Wires A modification to the Jigsaw Box: the addition of razor sharp wires makes it extra difficult and potentially painful to search them.
  • Moderately increases Jigsaw Box Skill Check Skill Check}} Trigger odds.
Interlocking Razor}}
Interlocking Razor A modification to the Jigsaw Box: the addition of interlocking razor blades makes it impossible to move suddenly in the Jigsaw Box without slitting one's wrists.
  • Tremendously increases the Regression penalty of failed Skill Checks on Jigsaw Boxes.
Bag of Gears}}
Bag of Gears A few mechanical parts that allow the creation of challenging Jigsaw Boxes and easier to install Reverse Bear Traps.
  • Slightly increases Jigsaw Box Search time.
  • Slightly reduces Reverse Bear Trap Setting time.
Crate of Gears}}
Crate of Gears This collection of mechanical parts allows the creation of extra-challenging Jigsaw Boxes and Reverse Bear Traps that are easier to install.
  • Considerably increases Jigsaw Box Search time.
  • Moderately reduces Reverse Bear Trap Setting time.
Amanda's Secret}}
Amanda's Secret A black metal box containing a knife and various medical supplies, such as bandages and compresses. Deep cuts reduce stress and awaken the senses.
  • Gain a notification when a Survivor removes a Reverse Bear Trap.
  • Auras Auras}} of Survivors removing a Reverse Bear Trap are revealed to The Pig for 6 seconds.
  • Disables The Pig's ability to see the Auras of Jigsaw Boxes.
Rules Set No.2}}
Rules Set No.2 Not all games need to have the same rules.
  • Disables the Survivors' ability to see the Auras Auras}} of Jigsaw Boxes until their Reverse Bear Trap is activated.

"Listen, there are rules." — Jigsaw

Amanda's Letter}}
Amanda's Letter A blackmailing Letter for the attention of Amanda. Fills the reader with rage and focus.
  • When crouched, Auras Auras}} of Survivors within 12 metres are revealed to The Pig.
  • Available Reverse Bear Traps reduced by 3.
  • Available Jigsaw Boxes reduced by 2.

"Amanda, you were with Cecil the night Jill lost Gideon. You killed their child. You know it and I know it." — Amanda's Letter

Change Log

Patch 2.5.0

  • Added a minimum spawn distance in-between Chests Chests}} to no longer cause Jigsaw Boxes to spawn too close together.


  • In the Game files Jigsaw Boxes are also being referred to under the name Puzzle Box.
  • The presence of Jigsaw Boxes on a Map reveal The Pig's identity to Survivors in a similar fashion as do The Trapper's Bear Traps.
  • Despite being a notable icon of the SAW™ franchise, this is the only appearance of Billy in the Chapter DLC.
    • He does not appear on any Perks or Add-ons exclusive to The Pig.

10 Pints of Sacrifice Trap

  • The Jigsaw Boxes are most likely inspired by the 10 Pints of Sacrifice Trap featured in SAW V. They have a similar look and some of the Add-ons affecting the Jigsaw Boxes point to a similar use.
    • This Trap required the Victims to "donate" 10 Pints of their own blood within 15 minutes, to unlock a door or they would be killed by nail bombs located in the room. Inside the Trap, circular blades would cut open the Victims' hands and collect the blood in a glass beaker below.


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