Kaiun Talisman

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Kaiun Talisman is an Uncommon Yamaoka's Haunting Yamaoka's Haunting}} Add-on Add-on}}.

Icon Description Cost
Kaiun Talisman A Talisman to get luck on your side.
  • Moderately increases Yamaoka's Haunting duration.

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Effect[edit | edit source]

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Kaiun Talisman works by increasing the maximum Charges of Yamaoka's Haunting by 1 charge (code). Since the default Power Consumption rate of 1 c/s remains unchanged, this extends the Phase Walk duration by 1 second (effect).

Additionally, the code also increases the Power Recovery rate by 0.066667 c/s (code) to compensate having to recover more Charges in the same time, therefore keeping the Recharge time the same.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Kaiun" is Japanese and translates to "luck" or "fortune".
    • Kaiun Talisman is therefore a "Luck Amulet".