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Legacy Prestige

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The touch of the Entity leaves burning scars and blisters of light. Is it a gift or a curse?

Legacy Prestige was a one-time special Reward for certain Players of Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.


Due to the grind to prestige your Character being made much easier in Patch 1.3.0, the Developers decided to reward Players who had put the time into prestiging their Character before the Patch. With every Level of Prestige obtained, the Player was granted one Legacy Prestige Clothing Item. These are the Entity Touched apparel, similar to the blood-soaked clothes you receive for obtaining a regular Level of Prestige.

This was a limited time event and only having reached Prestige prior to Patch 1.3.0, could you obtain these Clothing Items. The deadline was 24 November 2016. They are no longer available to earn in-game and will never be re-issued. There is no Legacy Prestige for any Character released after the event and licensed Characters released during it (namely Laurie Strode and The Shape).

Survivor Legacy Prestiges

Dwight Fairfield

Head Torso Legs

Meg Thomas

Head Torso Legs

Claudette Morel

Head Torso Legs

Jake Park

Head Torso Legs

Nea Karlsson

Head Torso Legs

Killer Legacy Prestiges

The Trapper

Head Body Weapon

The Wraith

Head Body Weapon

The Hillbilly

Head Body Weapon

The Nurse

Head Body Weapon


  • Uber Prestige and Entity-Touched Prestige (the latter being used only once when a developer was showing it off) were Work In Progress names for the Legacy Prestige, hinted at by the Developers during one of their weekly Streams.