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Levels refer to a Character's prowess, experience and also to their progress in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.


Main Article: Bloodweb

You can level up a Character by buying Nodes in their Bloodweb IconHelp bloodweb.png in exchange for Bloodpoints IconHelp bloodpoints.png. The maximum level a Character can reach is Level 50. From that point onwards, the Player can either prestige their Character and reset their Level or continue buying Nodes and renewing the Level 50 Bloodweb indefinitely.

To complete a Bloodweb and move up one Level, the Player has to buy all available Nodes in the Bloodweb. From Level 10 onwards, The Entity IconHelp entity.png will consume some Nodes as well, which speeds up progress at the cost of losing some Nodes each Bloodweb.


At various Levels, there are different rewards which a Player will receive.
After reaching milestone Levels, Players will also receive permanent benefits, in addition to the Unlockables mentioned below:

Level Reward
2nd Perk Slot unlocks.
3rd Perk Slot unlocks.

The Entity IconHelp entity.png starts appearing in larger Bloodwebs IconHelp bloodweb.png.

4th Perk Slot unlocks.
1st Teachable Perk appears.
2nd Teachable Perk appears.
3rd Teachable Perk appears.
Maximum achievable Level: the Player has the option to Prestige or to infinitely renew the Level 50 Bloodweb.


Each Bloodweb starts off spawning a single Perk IconHelp perks.png. That number will increase at certain threshold Levels to up to 4 Perks from which the Player can buy either 1 or 2:

Level Spawned Perks Purchasable Perks Entity activity
1 - 9
1 Perk 1 Perk None
10 - 14
1 Perk 1 Perk After 5 Nodes were purchased.
15 - 39
2 Perks 1 Perk After 5 Nodes were purchased or immediately after the first Perk was purchased; will consume 1 Perk.
40 - 49
3 Perks 2 Perks After 5 Nodes were purchased or immediately after the first Perk was purchased; will consume 1 Perk.
4 Perks 2 Perks After 5 Nodes were consumed or immediately after the first Perk was purchased; will consume 2 Perks.


To level up, the Player must buy all available Nodes in the Character's Bloodweb, by purchasing them with Bloodpoints.

  • The Entity will share the Bloodweb with the Character starting at level 10. After a certain number of Nodes are bought (usually 4 Nodes), each time you buy a Node, The Entity consumes one itself. The number of Nodes you can purchase before The Entity begins consuming Nodes decreases as you level up. It is possible for The Entity consume several Nodes at once depending on the structure of the Bloodweb and which Node it ends up consuming.
  • The Entity appears at random points in your Bloodweb and will consume the nearest Node in the Bloodweb whenever it's its turn.
    • It tends to go for Nodes of higher cost and high rarity.


After a Character reaches Level 50, a Player will be able to prestige their Bloodweb. If the Player decides against this, they will continue to receive new Bloodwebs every time they max out one, however they will remain at Character Level 50.

Increasing a Character's Bloodweb prestige Level has the following effects:

  • Resets the progress of this Character to Level 1.
  • Unlocks a prestige reward for that Character.
    • The prestige reward is one piece of the bloodied version of a Character's default cosmetic set.
  • Consumes all Unlockables stored in their inventory.
  • Slightly increases the odds of receiving more Nodes of higher rarities on the Bloodweb.
  • Teachable Perks will stay available to all other characters.

A Character can prestige up to three times.

Legacy Prestige

Main article: Legacy Prestige

Legacy Prestige was a special one-time Reward for prestiging one's Characters with the old, much more grind-y Bloodweb before Patch 1.3.0.


  • Prior to Patch 1.1.0, Players would keep all 4 Perk Slots unlocked after prestiging.
  • Prior to Patch 2.0.0, Perk Slots II-IV would be unlocked at Levels 15, 20 & 25 and the Tier I versions of a Character's Unique Perks would spawn at Levels 5, 10 & 15.

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