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Logo leatherface.png
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Release Date 14 September 2017 (Thursday)
Category Paragraph DLC
Cost $3.99
Theme Music No special Theme Music
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PARAGRAPH II: LEATHERFACE™ is the second Paragraph DLC for Dead by Daylight Dead by Daylight}}.

This DLC features:

Description[edit | edit source]

As the saw starts...

What happens when the body grows but the mind can't keep up? A child's fears and anxiety, but trapped inside a fully grown man's body. A furious body wielding a chainsaw? Someone who knows what happens as you disobey your family. What happens if anyone finds out what's in the stew.

The Cannibal[edit | edit source]

Main article: Bubba Sawyer

Bubba's Info[edit | edit source]

JK CA charSelect portrait.png

Leatherface is not only the skin clad maniac with a disturbed mind. He seeks acceptance and appreciation. He's learned the hard way and was molded to what he now is. A watchdog, a guardian, a blind gate keeper who never questions. And all problems can be solved with his chainsaw.

Cannibal's Perks[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
IconPerks knockOut.png
Knock Out

The trauma caused by your brutal attacks makes crying for help painfully difficult.

Survivors put into the Dying State by your Basic Attack are not revealed to other Survivors when those are standing outside of a range of 32/24/16 metres.

For the next 15 seconds, the dying Survivor is affected by the Blindness Blindness}} Status Effect and crawls 50 % slower.

"Oh, that gun's no good. The old way... with a sledge! You see, that way's better. They die better that way." — Nubbins Sawyer

IconPerks barbecueAndChilli.png
Barbecue & Chilli

A deep bond with The Entity Entity}} unlocks potential in one's Aura-reading ability.

After hooking a Survivor, all other Survivors' Auras Auras}} are revealed to you for 4 seconds when they are farther than 40 metres from the Hook Hook}}.

  • Each time a Survivor is hooked for the first time, gain a 25 % stack-able bonus to all Bloodpoint gains up to a maximum of 50/75/100 %.

The bonus Bloodpoints are only awarded post-Trial.

"I just can't take no pleasure in killing. There's just some things you gotta do. Don't mean you have to like it." — Drayton Sawyer

IconPerks franklinsDemise.png
Franklin's Demise

Your vicious Basic Attacks make the Survivors drop their Item Item}} on impact.

The lost Item will be consumed by The Entity Entity}} after 150/120/90 seconds if it is not picked up.

Reveals Items on the ground within a range of 32 metres with a white Aura.
The Aura will slowly fade to red until the Item is consumed by The Entity.

"Sally, I hear something. Stop! Stop!" — Franklin Hardesty

Customisation[edit | edit source]

The Cannibal[edit | edit source]

Head Body Weapon

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Videos[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • PARAGRAPH II: LEATHERFACE™ was originally going to be a full Chapter DLC, with Kate Denson being the Survivor associated with The Cannibal. However, due to severe time and resource restrictions the Developers were facing due to the release of CHAPTER VI: A Nightmare on Elm Street™ just a month later, they had to cut Kate for the time being and downgrade the Chapter to just a Paragraph. This is also noticeable by The Cannibal's lack of personal Add-ons and sharing them with The Hillbilly with the exception of just four.

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