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Patch 1.9.2[edit | edit source]


  • Acquire a Red Envelope Offering in the Bloodweb and play it in a trial
  • Each Red Envelope Offering played will generate 1 Lunar Hook and 1 Lunar Generator
  • As a Killer, hook a Survivor on a Lunar Hook for the first time to gain 1 Burnt Coin
  • As a Survivor, complete repairs on a Lunar Generator to grant all Survivors 1 Golden Coin
  • If you played a Red Envelope, you will also score bonus Bloodpoints when the above conditions are met
  • Once you have enough Burnt Coins, you will unlock a customization item for The Huntress
  • Once you have enough Golden Coins, you will unlock a customization item for David King
  • Keep collecting coins - even if you have unlocked the customizations - they all contribute to the community challenge!
  • The Red Envelope Offering is only playable during the Lunar event


  • Content - Added new menu and lobby aesthetics for the Lunar New Year event
  • Content - Added support for the Howling Grounds event (see the details in the event objective section)
  • Feature - Added a Difficulty Rating for all Survivors and Killers and updated the character descriptions to better help our newer players
  • Feature - Added a tutorial pop-up when entering a new menu for the first time. For expert players, these can be easily dismissed using the 'Hide All Tutorials' checkbox.
  • Feature - Added additional help text, tool tips, and improvements to various menus such as the Bloodweb, Daily Rituals, Character Info, Currencies, Shrine of Secrets, etc.
  • Feature - Players now receive a notification the first time they are affected by another player's perks. This currently applies to the perks Leader, Streetwise, Dying Light, Thanatophobia and Unnerving Presence.


  • Killer Changes
    • Adjusted the sound of the static when shocked by The Doctor
    • Fixed an issue that allowed Survivor to use the Map item while in Madness Tier III. This was a design change made back in Doctor Cube (1.6.2), and was only applied to the healing/repairing interactions. Now all items cannot be used (auras reading, firecrackers, flashlights, healing, repairing/sabotaging) when needing to Snap Out Of It.
    • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to rescue a dying survivor with a pallet/flashlight save while being picked up or dropped mid animation. Now, the pick up/drop animation will play fully, followed by the flashlight/pallet stun.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented The Nurse from getting stunned by a pallet during her blink. If a pallet is pulled on her, she will get stunned after her blink is complete.
    • Reworked the Pig's Rite of the Ungrateful Daily Ritual: It now requires to land 4 successful. Dash attacks with the Pig for 30 000 Bloodpoints.
    • Reworked the values of three Score Events for the Pig:
      • A Successful Hit after an Ambush Dash gives 250 Bloodpoints (instead of 200).
      • Starting an Ambush Dash gives 50 Bloodpoints (instead of 100)
  • Perk Changes
    • Borrowed Time modification: Only the survivor being unhooked will be protected by Borrowed Time and Borrowed Time is no longer a single use perk. We will monitor the usage of this perk and its function before doing further changes to Borrowed Time. Text change is currently only updated in English.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed The Nightmare to put Survivor to sleep when they were hiding in a locker
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to track the hatch with the Rainbow Map or Black Silk Cord add-on prior to meeting the requirements to spawn the hatch
  • Fixed an issue that caused Survivors not to receive Map Scout points for anything tracked by the Detective's Hunch perk
  • Fixed an issue that caused Survivors to be unable to perform certain actions / interactions when the same movement button was bound to Q
  • Fixed an issue that caused audio cues and Survivor groans to be heard map wide from both Killer and Survivor perspectives
  • Fixed an issue that caused improper camera placement when spectating the Killer in a Kill Your Friends lobby
  • Fixed an issue that caused missing audio when The Doctor landed a successful hit
  • Fixed an issue that caused stretched polygons when sacrificing a Survivor on a hook with a RBT on their head
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Map item reading audio to loop indefinitely when spectating a Survivor who depletes the Map charges
  • Fixed an issue that caused the bear trap not to animate when The Trapper stepped in a bear trap while carrying a Survivor
  • Fixed an issue that caused the framerate to drop below 30 FPS in a specific area of The Game map
  • Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect Offering bonus to display when another player uses a bonus Bloodpoint Offering
  • Fixed an issue that caused the item charges to continue to deplete upon failing a skill check
  • Fixed an issue that caused the loud noise indicator not to appear for the Killer when too far away from an unhook
  • Fixed an issue that caused the report icon not to appear immediately after a successful report
  • Fixed an issue that caused the reverse bear trap to continue beeping for other players when a Survivor died at the exit
  • Fixed an issue that caused unknown characters to appear when the host of a Kill Your Friends returned to lobby in Thai, Simplified and Tradition Chinese
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to cleanse a totem in the Ironworks of Misery map
  • Fixed an issue that made it nearly impossible to see Survivor auras when using the Wraith's "All Seeing" - Mud add-on
  • Fixed multiple prestige issues that were either generating a level 50 web at level 1, abusing the UI to Prestige low level characters, or characters randomly Prestiging unwantedly
  • Minor localization improvements. English only.

Hotfix 1.9.2b[edit | edit source]


  • Reverted the pallet and flashlight stun changes when picking up a downed Survivor
  • Reverted the pallet stun on a blinking nurse This change is planned to be brought back when other issues related to pallets are fixed


  • Fixed an issue that caused the chase music to play instead of the proximity music when within a Killers terror radius
  • Fixed an issue that caused the chase music to play when being put on a hook