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Powers lists a compendium of all Killer Powers featured in Dead by Daylight.

Each Killer has a unique Power, creating their distinct and unique play-styles.

The Trapper Trapper}}

Bear Trap

FulliconPowers trap.png
Quotes left.png A large foothold trap made of steel. Bear Traps are found lying around throughout the Trial Grounds, waiting to be picked up and set anywhere. Quotes right.png

Press and hold the Power button to bend down and set a Bear Trap, priming it in the process.
Survivors caught in a Bear Trap become Injured Injured}} and are temporarily immobilised until they either free themselves, are freed by another Survivors, or are struck down by The Trapper or picked up from the Bear Trap.

  • Start the Trial with 1 Bear Trap.
  • 5 unprimed Bear Traps are randomly placed throughout the Trial Grounds.

The Wraith Wraith}}

Wailing Bell

FulliconPowers bell.png
Quotes left.png A heavy cast iron bell imbued with ancient powers. Allows the user to enter and walk the Spirit World when rung. Quotes right.png

Press and hold the Power button to cloak. Press and hold it again to uncloak, granting a speed burst during 1 second upon re-appearing.
The Wailing Bell can be heard up to 24 metres away, and the accompanying *Wooosh* noise up to 40 metres away.


  • Grants near total invisibility when moving.
    • Total invisibility when standing still.
  • Grants increased Movement speed (5.06 m/s).
  • Grants the Undetectable Undetectable}} Status Effect.
  • Cannot attack when cloaked, but can interact with environmental objects.
  • Exposure to bright light forces The Wraith to automatically uncloak.

The Hillbilly Hillbilly}}


FulliconPowers chainsaw.png
Quotes left.png A hulking and deadly Chainsaw of terrifying strength. Grinds through flesh, bone, and soul. Once revved up, sends its user into a violent frenzy. Quotes right.png

Press and hold the Power button to break into a Chainsaw Sprint.
Survivors hit during a Chainsaw Sprint are put into the Dying State Dying State}}.

  • Each Chainsaw action (starting, revving, and sprinting) will cause the Overheat meter to fill.
  • When the Overheat meter is filled, the Chainsaw cannot be used until its fully cooled down.
    • Reaching the Overheat limit will not interrupt an ongoing Chainsaw Sprint.
  • The Overheat meter decreases when the Chainsaw is not in use.

The Teacher (unused)


FulliconPowers detention.png

Detention is an unused Killer Power for an unused Killer. This Power's icon, along with those of the Item Trapple Trapple}} and the Perk Underperform Underperform}} were added sometime in July or August 2016, before The Nurse's release, which fuelled speculations about the then upcoming new Killer.

The Nurse Nurse}}

Spencer's Last Breath

FulliconPowers breath.png
Quotes left.png A powerful and violent last breath snatched from Crotus Prenn Asylum Warden Patrick Spencer.
Channelling its energy allows The Nurse to pierce and jump through the Spirit World in a blink multiple times in a row. Doing so leaves her in a state of fatigue.
Quotes right.png

Press and hold the Power button to charge a Blink:

  • Blink for up to 20 metres upon activation.
    • During the ensuing Chain Blink Window, charge again to initiate a Chain Blink of up to 12 metres upon activation.
    • After either the Chain Blink Window closed or the final Chain Blink elapsed, enter a state of fatigue (2-3 seconds*).
  • Grants 1 Chain Blink.

The Shape Shape}}

Evil Within

Quotes left.png The darkness inside feeds his determination to take the life of his prey. Quotes right.png

Activating Evil Within allows The Shape to see his prey clearly and build up more evil power by stalking them:

Evil Within I:

FulliconPowers stalker1.png
  • Grants the Undetectable Undetectable}} Status Effect:
    • Tremendously reduced Terror Radius (0 metres).
    • The Shape's Red Stain is hidden.
    • The Shape is obscured from Aura-reading Abilities.
  • Slightly decreased Movement speed (105 %).
  • Slightly decreased Lunge range (open time: 0.2 s).
  • Regular Vaulting speed (1.7 seconds).

Evil Within II:

FulliconPowers stalker2.png
  • Moderately decreased Terror Radius (16 metres).
  • Regular Movement speed (115 %).
  • Regular Lunge range (open time: 0.5 s).
  • Slightly increased Vaulting speed (1.48 seconds).

Evil Within III:

FulliconPowers stalker3.png
  • Regular Terror Radius (32 metres).
  • Regular Movement speed (115 %).
  • Slightly increased Lunge range (open time: 0.6 s).
  • Moderately increased Vaulting speed (1.275 seconds).
  • When triggered, all Survivors suffer from the Exposed Exposed}} Status Effect.
  • Evil Within III lasts for 60 seconds, after which it regresses to Evil Within II.

Press and hold the Power button to stalk all visible Survivors. Stalking Survivors builds up your progress through Evil Within Tiers.

"I met him, fifteen years ago; I was told there was nothing left; no reason, no conscience, no understanding; and even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, of good or evil, right or wrong. I met this six-year-old child, with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes... the devil's eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up, because I realised that what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply... evil." — Dr Sam Loomis

The Hag Hag}}

Blackened Catalyst

FulliconPowers blackenedCatalyst.png
Quotes left.png The Source of The Hag's power, a blackened finger used as a catalyst for her terrible power.
The Hag bends and shapes mud to her will. With simple ritualistic drawings, she creates deceitful duplicates of herself, made from mud and decay, which she can use for various effects.
Quotes right.png

Press the Power button to bend down and draw the Phantasm Trap sign:

  • The Hag can maintain up to 10 Phantasm Traps.
    • Each subsequently drawn Phantasm Trap will replace the oldest one.

Press the Active Ability button to teleport to a tripped Phantasm Trap located within a range of 40 metres.
Survivors trigger a Phantasm Trap by entering its Area of Effect, which causes a Mud Phantasm to appear, yanking the Survivor's camera towards it, disorienting them.

Phantasm Traps are vulnerable to the light of Flashlights Flashlights}}, which reveals them and can be used to disable them.

A Phantasm Trap will not trigger when Survivors are crouching in or interacting with a Prop within its Area of Effect.

The Doctor Doctor}}

Carter's Spark

FulliconPowers cartersSpark.png
Quotes left.png Is it a gift, or a curse? The Entity has ignited a corrupted and inexhaustible spark in The Doctor’s heart which allows him to generate electroconvulsive power at will. His insidious treatment corrupts the minds of those it touches. Victims shocked by the corrupt spark begin to lose their grip on reality and, with repeated exposure, inevitably succumb to madness. Quotes right.png

Successfully striking Survivors with The Doctor's special abilities, Shock Therapy and Static Blast, increases the Survivors' Madness Madness}}, eventually afflicting them with the Madness Status Effect and triggering increasingly potent effects:

Madness I:

  • Causes Survivors to scream once, revealing their location to The Doctor.
  • Slight chance to trigger Madness Skill Checks (33 %).

Madness II:

  • Causes Survivors to scream once, revealing their location to The Doctor.
  • Causes Survivors to experience hallucinations in the form of an Illusionary Doctor.
  • Moderate chance to trigger Madness Skill Checks (66 %).

Madness III:

  • Causes Survivors to scream intermittently, revealing their location to The Doctor.
  • Causes Survivors to experience hallucinations in the form of an Illusionary Doctor.
  • Disables Survivors' ability to perform any Repairing, Healing, Sabotaging, Searching, or Cleansing interactions until they successfully Snap Out of It.
  • Tremendous chance to trigger Madness Skill Checks (100 %) during Snap Out of It.
  • Succeeding Snap Out of It will return Survivors back to Madness I.

Press and hold the Power button to perform a Shock Therapy Attack, unleashing a ranged shock attack on the ground in front of The Doctor.
Survivors struck by Shock Therapy gain increased Madness and any interactions they are performing are immediately cancelled and put on a cool-down of 2.5 seconds.

Shock Therapy immediately negates the Oblivious Oblivious}} Status Effect.

Press and hold the Active Ability button to perform a Static Blast, causing all Survivors within The Doctor's Terror Radius to scream.
Survivors struck by Static Blast gain one Madness Tier and any interactions they are performing are immediately cancelled.

Static Blast can only be activated when not on cool-down (60 seconds).

Static Blast immediately negates the Oblivious Status Effect.

The Huntress Huntress}}

Hunting Hatchets

FulliconPowers huntingHatchets.png
Quotes left.png A skill taught by her mother and mastered in the wild. The Huntress can throw Hatchets with deadly precision. Quotes right.png

Press and hold the Power button to wind up a Hunting Hatchet. Release the Power button to initiate a Hatchet Throw.

  • Start the Trial with 5 Hunting Hatchets.
  • The Hatchet Throw can be charged for maximum throwing speed (40 m/s).
  • The Hatchet Throw can be cancelled mid-charge.
    • While charging the Hatchet Throw, The Huntress has a tremendously decreased Movement speed (3.08 m/s).
  • Hunting Hatchets are consumed on use.
    • Hunting Hatchets can be refilled at Lockers Lockers}}.

The Cannibal Cannibal}}

Bubba's Chainsaw

FulliconPowers bubbasChainsaw.png
FulliconPowers bubbasChainsaw tantrum.png
Quotes left.png An incredibly powerful and heavy Chainsaw which sank its teeth into countless victims.
A suitable birthday gift for The Cannibal.
Quotes right.png

The Cannibal starts the Trial with 3 Charges.

Press and hold the Power button to consume one Charge and perform a Chainsaw Dash for 2 seconds that can hit multiple targets.
Survivors hit during a Chainsaw Dash are put into the Dying State Dying State}}.

Additional Chainsaw Dashes
Press the Power button again during the Chainsaw Dash window to consume another Charge and extend the Chainsaw Sweep by another Chainsaw Dash.

  • Resets the Chainsaw Sweep timer to 2 seconds.
  • Increases the Chainsaw Sweep cool-down by 1 second per charge.

Charges replenish while Bubba's Chainsaw is not in use.

The Tantrum meter slowly fills when revving Bubba's Chainsaw.
Once the meter is full, or after hitting an obstacle during a Chainsaw Sweep, The Cannibal unleashes a Tantrum, wildly slashing out and damaging any Survivors in close proximity, putting them into the Dying State Dying State}}.

  • Tantrum duration increases by 1 second for each Charge that was consumed.
  • Lose any remaining Charges.
  • Tremendously decreased Movement speed.

The Tantrum meter decreases when Bubba's Chainsaw is not in use and completely depletes during a Chainsaw Sweep.

The Nightmare Nightmare}}

Dream Demon

FulliconPowers dreamDemon.png
Quotes left.png Death won't accept him and thus he remains, a calamity, indisputable master of his victims' nightmares. Quotes right.png

The Nightmare passively puts Survivors to sleep over 60 seconds, after which they enter the Dream World.

  • Successful hits will pull Survivors into the Dream World.
  • Awake Survivors hear The Nightmare's Terror Radius and see him within a range of 16 metres, intermittently within a range of 32 metres, and not at all if further away.

Dream World:
Once in the Dream World, Survivors are afflicted with the Oblivious Oblivious}} Status Effect, only hear The Nightmare's non-directional Lullaby, and can be affected by either Dream Snares or Dream Pallets placed by The Nightmare. Survivors can wake up by failing Skill Checks Skill Checks}}, finding an awake Survivor to perform the Wake Up action, or by using one's personal Alarm Clock Alarm Clock}} found in the Trial Grounds.

Each successive Wake Up action takes twice as long to perform. Using the Alarm Clock will give Survivors a grace period of 30 seconds before they start falling asleep again.

Press and hold the Power button to place a Dream Snare on the ground directly in front of The Nightmare. Survivors that come in contact with a Dream Snare will be afflicted the Hindered Hindered}} Status Effect, slowing them while they remain with its Area of Effect and for a short duration after leaving it.

Press and hold the Power button to place a Dream Pallet at an available location. A Dream Pallet dropped by a Survivor will be destroyed immediately and not stun The Nightmare.

SPECIAL ABILITY: Dream Projection
Press and hold the Active Ability button to perform a Dream Projection and teleport to a Generator Generator}} in view. Releasing the button early will cancel the action. For each Survivor in the Dream World, the cool-down of using Dream Projection is reduced by stack-able 15 %.

"You have nothing to worry about. This won't hurt one... little... bit." — Freddy Krueger

The Pig Pig}}

Jigsaw's Baptism

FulliconPowers jigsawsBaptism.png
Quotes left.png Forever devoted to her master's cause, she punished the ungrateful and the guilty with slyness and murderous puzzles.
The Pig can move stealthily, dash in Ambush Attacks and put deadly
Reverse Bear Traps on Survivors' heads.
Quotes right.png

Start the Trial with 4 Reverse Bear Traps.

Inactive Reverse Bear Traps:
While standing over a Survivor who is in the Dying State Dying State}}, press the Active Ability button to place an inactive Reverse Bear Trap on that Survivor's head.

Survivors may attempt to free themselves from both inactive and active Reverse Bear Traps by searching Jigsaw Boxes Jigsaw Boxes}} for the key.
Jigsaw Boxes are randomly located throughout the Trial Grounds.
Survivors may leave through an Exit Gate Exit Gate}} while wearing an inactive Reverse Bear Trap.

Active Reverse Bear Traps:
Whenever a Generator Generator}} is completed, all currently inactive Reverse Bear Traps will become active.

Active Reverse Bear Traps initiate a countdown timer displayed on the Survivor's Status icon.
Once the timer expires, the active Reverse Bear Trap will automatically sacrifice the Survivor wearing it.
Attempting to leave the Trial Grounds through an Exit Gate with an active Reverse Bear Trap will cause the timer to expire immediately and sacrifice the Survivor.

The countdown timer is paused whenever the Survivor is being chased by The Pig or is in the Dying State.

Press the Active Ability button to crouch. Press it again while crouched to stand. The Pig is granted the Undetectable Undetectable}} Status Effect and moves at a slower speed when crouched (3.6 m/s).

Press and hold the Attack button when crouched to perform an Ambush Dash attack at increased speed (6.9 m/s).

"You will give everything to me, every cell in your body. The marks on your arms, they're from another life. We'll leave that life behind. When you walk down that corridor there is no turning back. Do you understand that?" — Jigsaw's Baptism

The Clown Clown}}

The Afterpiece Tonic

FulliconPowers gasBomb.png
Quotes left.png Throughout his years experimenting with anaesthetics and muscle relaxants, The Clown developed several effective concoctions and formulas.
His favourite, The Afterpiece Tonic, he has used to great effect, intoxicating and capturing many unwilling victims.
Quotes right.png

Tap or press and hold the Power button to launch a Bottle of The Afterpiece Tonic.
Upon contact, the Bottle will break, emitting a Gas Cloud that will intoxicate any Survivors within its Area of Effect.

  • Intoxicated Survivors will suffer from the following afflictions:
    • Impaired vision.
    • Involuntary coughing.
    • Hindered Hindered}} Status Effect.
    • Unable to perform Fast Vaults.
  • All afflictions linger after leaving the Gas Cloud.

Press and hold the Active Ability button to replenish the Bottles of The Afterpiece Tonic.

The Spirit Spirit}}

Yamaoka's Haunting

FulliconPowers yamaokasHaunting.png
Quotes left.png Yamaoka is the name she carries from her ancestors, who unleashed hell on the battlefield.
The Spirit draws her power from their wrath, haunting the living as retribution for her suffering.
The Spirit can use
Yamaoka's Haunting to enter the Ethereal Plane and re-appear at a new location.
Quotes right.png

Press and hold the Power button to charge Yamaoka's Haunting. The Spirit will depart her physical body, leaving behind a stationary 'Husk'.

While Yamaoka's Haunting is active:

  • The Spirit may traverse freely to a new location, moving at a faster rate for a short duration (5 seconds). She is still confined to movement within the physical environments and surroundings.
  • The Spirit leaves the physical plane, losing sight of all Survivors. She can, however, still sense the Scratch Marks they leave throughout the Trial Grounds.
  • The Spirit will produce an audible cue at her current location.
  • Once Yamaoka's Haunting has elapsed, The Spirit retains her speed boost for a brief moment and her 'Husk' fades away.

Using Yamaoka's Haunting depletes The Spirit's Power gauge. It will automatically replenish over time (15 seconds).

The Power gauge must be fully replenished before Yamaoka's Haunting can be triggered again.

The Legion Legion}}

Feral Frenzy

FulliconPowers feralFrenzy.png
Quotes left.png Activating Feral Frenzy causes The Legion to enter a deadly rage. Quotes right.png

While Feral Frenzy is active:

  • The Legion runs at an increased Movement speed (5.2 m/s).
  • The Legion can vault Pallets Pallets}}, but not break.
    • The Legion vaults both Pallets and Windows at increased speed (0.9 seconds).
  • Survivors' Scratch Marks and Blood Pools are hidden from The Legion's view and only become visible again when Feral Frenzy is canceled.
  • Missing an attack ends Feral Frenzy.

Deep Wound:
While Feral Frenzy is active, hitting a Survivor who is not currently afflicted with the Deep Wound Deep Wound}} Status Effect:

  • Applies the Deep Wound Status Effect.
  • Injures Survivors that are not already Injured Injured}}.
  • Refills The Legion's Power gauge.
  • Triggers Killer Instinct, revealing the location of all Survivors not yet affected by Deep Wound, that are within The Legion's Terror Radius.

While Feral Frenzy is active, hitting a Survivor who is already afflicted by Deep Wound or missing an attack:

  • Depletes The Legion's Power gauge and ends Feral Frenzy.

Hitting a Survivor with a basic attack while Feral Frenzy is not active will deplete the Power gauge by half of its maximum.

The Plague Plague}}

Vile Purge

FulliconPowers vilePurge.png
Quotes left.png Her condition deteriorated as the black plague overtook her body: her toes blackened, her neck mushroomed into cysts, and her throat gagged with bloody vomit. Quotes right.png

Infect Props and Survivors with Vile Purge to create an unending cycle of sickness. Press and hold the Power button to charge Vile Purge, and release it to unleash a stream of infectious bile.

Hitting a Survivor will cause them to become infected. Hitting a Prop will cause it to become infected for a short time. Survivors interacting with infected objects will also become infected.

When a Survivor's infection indicators is completely filled, they are put into the Injured State Injured State}} and are affected by the Broken Broken}} Status Effect. They will vomit at random intervals.

SPECIAL ABILITY: Ingest Corruption
Infected Survivors can heal themselves back to full health and cure their infection by cleansing themselves at a Pool of Devotion Pool of Devotion}}, located throughout the Trial Grounds. This action corrupts the Pool of Devotion, allowing The Plague to consume the corruption and empower her purge.

Press and hold the Interaction button while next to a corrupt Pool of Devotion to transform vile Purge into Corrupt Purge. This action removes the corruption from the Pool of Devotion.

After ingesting corruption, Vile Purge is replaced by Corrupt Purge for a short duration (60 seconds). Corrupt Purge instantly damages any Survivor hit by its stream, however, it no longer applies infection to Survivors or Props.

The Ghost Face Ghost Face}}

Night Shroud

FulliconPowers nightShroud.png
FulliconPowers nightShroud activated.png
Quotes left.png The Ghost Face used to study his victims for weeks, meticulously registering their habits.
When the urge to kill swelled, he'd know exactly how and where to strike.
Quotes right.png

Press the Power button to activate Night Shroud when the Power gauge is full.
The Ghost Face is granted the Undetectable Undetectable}} Status Effect when Night Shroud is active.
Performing a Basic Attack fully depletes the Power gauge and deactivates Night Shroud.

Survivors within close proximity to The Ghost Face may attempt to reveal him by looking in his direction for 1.5 seconds.
A successful reveal fully depletes The Ghost Face's Power gauge and automatically deactivates Night Shroud for 30 seconds.
Survivors who reveal The Ghost Face have their current location indicated by Killer Instinct for 2 seconds.

Hold down the Power button to stalk Survivors when Night Shroud is active.
Hold down the Power button when behind cover to lean out and stalk at a faster rate (x2).
Completing stalk progress on a Survivor will cause them to become Marked, applying the Exposed Exposed}} Status Effect for 45 seconds.

Press the Active Ability button to crouch.
Press it again when crouched to stand.
The Ghost Face moves at a slower speed when crouched (3.6 m/s).

"Don't mind me. That's it, keep going. Perfect. That's the image I'll keep of you." — The Ghost Face

The Demogorgon Demogorgon}}

Of the Abyss

FulliconPowers ofTheAbyss.png
Quotes left.png An unknown and otherworldly power surged through its body.
Suddenly the ground ripped open, swallowing The Demogorgon whole.
Quotes right.png

Press and hold the Power button to fully charge and activate Of the Abyss. All Survivors within a close proximity to an activated Portal (yellow Aura) will be indicated by Killer Instinct.

Press the Attack button while charging or holding Of the Abyss to dive forwards and unleash a vicious slash.

Press the Active Ability button to place an inactive Portal on the ground in front of you. Inactive Portals (white Aura) are invisible to Survivors and cannot be sealed by them.

Traversing the Upside Down
When standing on a placed Portal with a different Portal highlighted (red Aura), press the Active Ability button again to travel through the Upside Down to arrive at the targeted Portal.

Activated Portals
Portals become 'activated' when they are first traversed to or from. Only active Portals may be sealed by Survivors.

The Oni Oni}}

Yamaoka's Wrath

FulliconPowers yamaokasWrath.png
FulliconPowers yamaokasWrath Demon.png
Quotes left.png The desire to destroy weaker bloodlines shaped into a literal force. Quotes right.png

Absorb Blood Orbs left by your injured foes. Press and hold the Power button to absorb Blood Orbs in the environment and fill your Power gauge. When your Power gauge is full, press and hold the Active Ability button to initiate Blood Fury.

Blood Fury:
While Blood Fury is active, The Oni becomes lethal and gains access to additional abilities: Demon Dash and Demon Strike.

Press and hold the Power button while Blood Fury is active, to perform a Demon Dash. This ability allows The Oni to cover large distances rapidly.

Press and hold the Attack button while Blood Fury is active, to perform a Demon Strike in the direction you are facing. Demon Strike has an extended Lunge range and successful hits immediately put healthy Survivors into the Dying State Dying State}}.

The Deathslinger Deathslinger}}

The Redeemer

FulliconPowers theRedeemer.png
FulliconPowers theRedeemer chainBreak.png
Quotes left.png The Deathslinger's ingenuity affords him the ability to reel in bounties with a unique invention — a heavily modified, hybrid rifle that replaces conventional ammunition with a razor-sharp spear affixed to a chain. Quotes right.png

Press and hold the Power button to aim down sights. Press the Attack button to shoot a spear that can lodge itself in a Survivor, allowing them to be reeled in towards The Deathslinger against their will.

While a Survivor is speared by The Redeemer, press and hold the Power button to reel them in towards you. Survivors may struggle against the chain or use the environment to pressure the chain to break. Doing so will result in briefly stunning The Deathslinger as well as putting the Survivor in the Injured State Injured State}} and applying the Deep Wound Deep Wound}} Status Effect.

Using a Basic Attack while a Survivor is speared will break the chain without applying either a stun penalty to The Deathslinger or the Deep Wound Status Effect to the Survivor.

Successfully hitting a Survivor with a Basic Attack while they are speared and healthy will also apply the Deep Wound Status Effect.

The Redeemer must be reloaded after every shot, before it may be fired again. Press and hold the Active Ability button to reload The Redeemer.

The Executioner Executioner}}

Rites of Judgement

FulliconPowers ritesOfJudgement.png
Quotes left.png Open the Gates of Suffering and be judged! The Great Knife splits the ground, giving rise to an infernal construct and spreading agony to all who approach. Quotes right.png

Hold the Power button to activate, then move forward in any direction to carve a trail into the ground.

Survivors who walk or run on the trail will trigger Killer Instinct and be afflicted with Torment.
Survivors affected by Torment may be sent to a Cage of Atonement while they are in the Dying State Dying State}}.

SPECIAL ATTACK: Punishment of the Damned
Press the Attack button while Rites of Judgement is active to perform Punishment of the Damned.
This unleashes a wave of force, damaging any Survivors in its path.

SPECIAL ABILITY: Cage of Atonement
Press the Active Ability button while standing over a dying Survivor suffering from Torment to send them to a Cage of Atonement Cage of Atonement}}.
Survivors in a Cage of Atonement can be sacrificed as if they were on a Hook Hook}}.
During the second phase of the summoning ritual, they will be forced to complete Skill Checks Skill Checks}} to hold off The Entity Entity}}.

Being rescued or rescuing another Survivor from a Cage of Atonement will remove Torment.

The Blight Blight}}

Blighted Corruption

FulliconPowers blightedCorruption.png
Quotes left.png Pustula serum courses through his veins, corrupting his mind and body, yet granting him unnatural physical abilities. Quotes right.png

Press the Power button initiate a Rush, allowing you to quickly dash forwards, consuming 1 Token.
While performing Rush, The Blight cannot launch an attack.

Rushing into walls or obstacles will cause The Blight to Slam into them, opening the Chain Rush Window.

Press the Power button during the Chain Rush Window following a Slam in order to initiate a Lethal Rush, consuming 1 Token.
A Lethal Rush behaves the same as a Rush, except that The Blight may launch an Attack by pressing the Attack button mid-Rush.

After either the Chain Rush Window closes, the final Lethal Rush elapses, or The Blight consumes all Tokens, enter a state of fatigue and begin recharging the Tokens.