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The Scorching Summer BBQ is an Event in Dead by Daylight Dead by Daylight}} that took place between 7 and 23 August 2018.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Scorching Summer BBQ is a summer-themed version of the Howling Grounds Event.

It was announced 4 days earlier, on 3 August 2018. It was originally planned to last until 21 August 2018, but extended to the 23rd due to connectivity issues during the first two days of the Event.

It features two personal challenges for each Player, one for playing Survivor and one for playing Killer.

You must burn a BBQ Invitation BBQ Invitation}} in order to obtain bonus Bloodpoints Bloodpoints}}.

Differences to Howling Grounds[edit | edit source]

  • No community-wide Challenge.
  • 2 special Event-Objectives spawn by default.
  • Players must burn a BBQ Invitation in order to obtain bonus Bloodpoints Bloodpoints}} from interacting with the special Objectives.
    • This change was implemented to give Players who already completed the Challenges an incentive to continue using the Offering and help other Players obtain their Rewards.

In-game changes[edit | edit source]

Event Cosmetics[edit | edit source]

The following Cosmetics rewarded Players for completing the Personal Challenges.

The Hillbilly[edit | edit source]

AK HI charSelect portrait.png
Weapon (50 Survivor Chops)

Kate Denson[edit | edit source]

GS KD charSelect portrait.png
Torso (90 Frozen Margaritas)

Tokens[edit | edit source]

  • EventObjective summer18 survivor.png Frosty Margarita (Survivors)
  • EventObjective summer18 killer.png Survivor Chop (Killers)

Challenge[edit | edit source]

The Event features personal Challenges that require the Player to collect special Tokens in order to unlock the Cosmetic Rewards.

Each Map spawns with 2 Frozen Cocktail Machines and 2 Grill Hooks by default.

The Player can to find and burn a new Offering called the BBQ Invitation, calling upon The Entity Entity}} for additional Machines and Hooks, up to a total of 7 Machines and Hooks.

The Player earns Frosty Margaritas and Survivor Chops when they fix Frozen Cocktail Machines or hook Survivors for the first time on Grill Hooks. They also gain bonus Bloodpoints Bloodpoints}} for doing so, even though Survivors will be unable to earn 7 Frosty Margaritas in a single trial due to the limit of only 5 Generators being fully repairable. However, the bonus Bloodpoints gained from completing a Frozen Cocktail Machine are global and awarded to all Survivors. All other bonus Bloodpoints are awarded post-trial during the tally screen and only if the Player had burnt a BBQ Invitation BBQ Invitation}}.

The Player needs to collect as many Tokens as possible, as they are the key to unlock the Scorching Summer BBQ cosmetic rewards. There is one reward for either side respectively: one for Kate Denson, one for The Hillbilly.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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