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An empty Shrine of Secrets

The Shrine of Secrets was released with Patch 1.2.0.


The Shrine of Secrets is used to unlock teachable Perks for either the Killers or Survivors. The Shrine has a selection of four randomly chosen perks (though the same for everyone globally) that can be bought. This way the player can unlock all teachable perks of the currently 8 Killers and 10 Survivors (even the DLC ones) without having to level all those Characters to level 40. The Shrine of Secrets resets every Wednesday at 00:00 UTC (GMT+0).


The teachable perks from the Shrine can not be bought with Bloodpoints (BP). They are bought with Iridescent Shards (IS). The Shards are obtained while playing ranked games, this excludes the Kill Your Friends mode. One ranked game can reward you a maximum of 10 Shards. You receive 1 Shard per played in-trial minute. You can stockpile up to a total of 1000 Iridescent Shards over any amount of given time. However, this is a cap and the player will cease to earn any more Shards until used within the Shrine.

Buying Teachable Perks

When a player buys a Teachable Perk from the Shrine, the Perk will from then on be unlocked in every Character's Bloodweb.

This means that when buying a Unique Killer Perk, all the Killers will then be able to unlock that Perk in their respective Bloodwebs. This takes away the necessity for players to spend lots of Bloodpoints on a single Character, levelling them to level 40 in order to obtain all their Teachable Perks the regular way. When a Perk has been bought in the Shrine, it will no longer show up in the original Character's Bloodweb when reaching the required level.

The Shrine renews itself every week with a new set of randomly chosen Teachable Perks. This makes it possible for a player to theoretically obtain a maximum of 4 Teachable Perks per week.

Teachable Perks cost 550 Iridescent Shards, with the exception of the Teachable Perks from the most recent DLC, which cost 750 Iridescent Shards.

When buying an already owned/unlocked Teachable Perk from the Shrine, it will ask you, if you really want to buy it again. If you proceed, the Shrine will reward you with Bloodpoints for already owning the Perk. You will receive 200K Bloodpoints for a Perk costing 550 IS and 250K for a Perk costing 750 IS.

Current Shrine of Secrets

Icon Name Unique Perk of Character Cost
Teachable leader.png
Dwight Fairfield
IconChar dwight.png
550 IS
Teachable quickAndQuiet.png
Quick & Quiet
Meg Thomas
IconChar meg.png
550 IS
Teachable thatanophobia.png
IconChar theNurse2.png
550 IS
Teachable upTheAnte.png
Up The Ante
Ace Visconti
AV charSelect portrait2.png
550 IS
4 days remaining