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Skill Checks

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IconHelp note.png The Entity worked to keep me on my toes, or at least, keep me distracted. Either way, I was given the opportunity to avoid disaster. Indeed, if my timing was precise, I found that my actions were much more effective!
~ Mysterious Note
A Skill Check

Skill Checks are a Game Mechanic of Quick Time Events (QTE) in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png, that have a chance of appearing while performing various interactions.


Skill Checks have a chance of triggering whenever a Survivor is performing specific interactions. To succeed, the Survivor needs to tap the Secondary Action button when the pointer of the Skill Check is inside the highlighted area, also called the Success Zone. The pointer moves clockwise on a dial.

A Skill Check announces itself shortly before triggering via a gong-like sound.

Skill Check Chances

During interactions that can trigger Skill Checks, each second of the interaction has a chance to trigger them:

Interaction Chance
Generator Repair 8 %
Altruistic Healing 15 %
Self-Care IconPerks selfCare.png Healing 10.5 %
Med-Kit IconItems firstAidKit.png Healing 12.5 %

Skill Check Types

There are several types of Skill Checks. Succeeding them will usually award the Survivor with Bloodpoints IconHelp bloodpoints.png:

Good Skill Check

Succeed a Skill Check in the transparent section of the Success Zone.

  • Grants 50.

Great Skill Check

Succeed a Skill Check in the white section of the Success Zone.

  • Grants 50 Bloodpoints and a 1 % Progression bonus.

Hex Skill Check

This Skill Check was part of the original version of Hex: Ruin IconPerks hexRuin.png and can no longer be triggered.

Succeeded a Skill Check in the transparent section.

  • Granted no Bloodpoints and applied a 3/4/5 % Regression penalty.

Succeeded a Skill Check in the white section of the Success Zone.

  • Granted 150 Bloodpoints and no Progression bonus.

Madness Skill Check

This Skill Check is only applicable during the Snap Out of It interaction on Madness IconStatusEffects madness.png Tier III.

Succeed a randomly placed Skill Check.

Failed Skill Check

Failing to succeed a Skill Check in any of the aforementioned sections.

  • The action will incur a 10 % Regression penalty and momentarily pause any further progress for 3 seconds. It will also trigger a Loud Noise notification for the Killer, revealing your location.

Dream World

Survivors can be woken up from the Dream World by failing various Skill Checks.

  • Failing a Generator IconHelpLoading generators.png Skill Check.
  • Failing a Healing Skill Check.



IconPerks autodidact.png Autodidact

You start the Trial with a -25 % progression penalty for Skill Checks IconHelp skillChecks.png to heal Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png.

For every successful Skill Check completed while healing a Survivor, you receive a Token for a maximum of 3/4/5 Tokens.

Each Token grants you a +15 % bonus progression for a successful Skill Check while healing Survivors.

Great Skill Checks cannot be performed while using Autodidact.

Autodidact is not active when using a Med-Kit IconItems firstAidKit.png to heal.

"There's no limit to what you can achieve, as long as you back it up with hard work." — Adam Francis

IconPerks decisiveStrike.png Decisive Strike

Using whatever is at hand, you stab at your aggressor in an ultimate attempt to escape.

After being unhooked or unhooking yourself, Decisive Strike will become active and usable for 40/50/60 seconds.

While Decisive Strike is active, when grabbed by the Killer, succeed a Skill Check IconHelp skillChecks.png to automatically escape the Killer's grasp and stun them for 5 seconds.

  • Succeeding or failing the Skill Check will disable Decisive Strike.
  • Successfully stunning the Killer will result in you becoming the Obsession.

Increases your chances of being the Obsession.

The Killer can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

"There's nothing to be scared of." — Laurie Strode

IconPerks hexHuntressLullaby.png Hex: Huntress Lullaby

A Hex rooting its power in despair. Your hunt is an irresistible song of dread which muddles your prey's attention.

Survivors receive a 2/4/6 % Regression penalty when missing any Skill Check IconHelp skillChecks.png.

Each time a Survivor is hooked, Huntress Lullaby grows in power:

  • 1 to 4 Tokens: Time between the Skill Check warning sound and the Skill Check becomes shorter.
  • 5 Tokens: No Skill Check warning.

The Hex effects persist as long as the related Hex Totem IconHelpLoading totem.png is standing.

"That song, it drives me crazy!"

IconPerks overcharge.png Overcharge

You are fuelled by your hate for progress.

Overcharge a Generator IconHelpLoading generators.png by performing the Damage Generator action.

The next Survivor interacting with that Generator is faced with a tremendously difficult Skill Check IconHelp skillChecks.png.

Failing the Skill Check results in an additional 3/4/5 % Regression penalty. Succeeding the Skill Check grants no progress, but prevents the Generator Explosion.

"It is a trap. But a trap one must step in..."

IconPerks stakeOut.png Stake Out

Getting close to the Killer IconHelpLoading killer.png fills you with determination.

For each 15 seconds you are standing within the Killer's Terror Radius and are not in a Chase, you gain a Token up to a maximum of 2/3/4 Tokens.

When Stake Out has at least 1 Token, Good Skill Checks IconHelp skillChecks.png are considered Great Skill Checks and consume 1 Token.

Great Skill Checks grant an additional Progression bonus of 1 %.

"I had you, I had you on your knees. You're runnin' scared because we had you. We're gonna close this case!" — Detective David Tapp

IconPerks spineChill.png Spine Chill

An unnatural tingle warns you of impending doom.

Get notified when the Killer is looking directly in your direction and standing within a range of 36 metres.

When Spine Chill is active, Skill Check IconHelp skillChecks.png trigger odds are increased by 10 % with success zones reduced by 10 % and your Repair, Heal and Sabotage speeds are increased by 2/4/6 %.

"There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen.." — Sassy, The Lost Tapes

IconPerks technician.png Technician

You are apt at handling machinery with the greatest care and precision.

The noises caused by your Repairs and their hearing distance are reduced by 8 metres.

On a failed Repair Skill Check IconHelp skillChecks.png, there is a 30/40/50 % chance that the Generator IconHelpLoading generators.png Explosion will be prevented.

"I'm gonna stealth this one." — Feng Min

IconPerks thisIsNotHappening.png This Is Not Happening

You perform at your best when you are under extreme stress.

Great Skill Check IconHelp skillChecks.png success zones when repairing, healing and sabotaging get 10/20/30 % bigger when you are Injured IconHelp injured.png.

IconPerks unnervingPresence.png Unnerving Presence

Your presence alone instils great fear.

Survivors within your Terror Radius have a 10 % greater chance of triggering Skill Checks IconHelp skillChecks.png when repairing, healing or sabotaging.

Triggered Skill Checks' success zones are reduced by 40/50/60 %.

"Its presence befalls us."


FulliconItems worn-outTools.png
Worn-Out Tools A metal box containing out of condition tools that could break at any moment. Even without training, can be used to repair or break various mechanical components.
  • 16 Charges.
  • Moderately increases Repair speed.
  • Slightly decreases Skill Check success zones.
  • Unlocks the Sabotage action.
    • Considerably decreases Toolbox Efficiency during Sabotage.

"You call these tools? ... Really?"

16 Charges
FulliconItems rangerMed-Kit.png
Ranger Med-Kit A large metal box containing medical supplies aimed at emergency rescues in hard to reach, often isolated locations.
  • 32 Charges.
  • Tremendously increases Altruistic Healing speed.
  • Moderately increases Skill Check success zones.
  • Moderately increases Skill Check bonus zones.
  • Unlocks the Self-Healing action.

"A small engraved label can be found glued to the back panel: VK.ID-3994723."

32 Charges
Very Rare

Add-ons (Items)

FulliconAddon rubberGloves.png
Rubber Gloves
Disposable medical gloves to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Moderately increases Great Healing Skill Check Progression bonus.
IconItems firstAidKit.png


FulliconAddon sponge.png
A mundane sponge used to soak up extra blood, providing easier access to wounds.
  • Considerably increases Great Healing Skill Check Progression bonus.
FulliconAddon needle&Thread.png
Needle & Thread
Not exactly a medical device, however it can be used to quickly and painfully close up a wound.
  • Moderately increases Healing Skill Check Trigger odds.
  • Moderately increases Healing speed.
  • Grants 100 % Bonus Bloodpoints for Great Skill Check Score Events when Healing.
FulliconAddon surgicalSuture.png
Surgical Suture
A medical device used to close and hold body tissue. Even though it's very effective, the surgical suture is challenging to use.
  • Considerably increases Healing Skill Check Trigger Odds.
  • Moderately increases Healing speed.
  • Grants 150 % Bonus Bloodpoints Great Skill Check Score Events when Healing.
FulliconAddon springClamp.png
Spring Clamp
Useful tool to clamp hoses or hold wires in place and prevent damage or injury.
  • The noises caused by your Repairs and their hearing distance are reduced by 8 metres.
IconItems toolbox.png


FulliconAddon gripWrench.png
Grip Wrench
An adjustable wrench with a tough grip. Essential in any Toolbox.
  • Hooks IconHelpLoading hook.png sabotaged using the Toolbox take an extra 15 seconds to respawn.
FulliconAddon protectiveGloves.png
Protective Gloves
Thick gloves, which reduce menial dexterity but protect hands from injury.
  • Prevents the Killer from being notified when sabotaging a Hook IconHelpLoading hook.png with the Toolbox.
FulliconAddon brandNewPart.png
Brand New Part
Ultra Rare
This intricate mechanical part feels oddly out of place. It is clean and shiny as if straight out of the factory.
  • Toolbox Repair action is replaced with Install Brand New Part.
  • Installing the Brand New Part will complete 15 % of a Generator IconHelpLoading generators.png over 5 seconds.
  • During the install, you will be faced with 2 difficult Skill Checks IconHelp skillChecks.png.
  • Hitting each Skill Check will result in 5 % progression for a maximum of 25 % added progression.

Brand New Part is consumed on use.

Add-ons (Powers)

FulliconAddon woolShirt.png
Wool Shirt
A small boy's orange and yellow striped shirt. Identified with a sewn name tag to "Jesse".

While Survivors are in the Dream World:

  • Slightly increases Regression penalties of Repair, Healing, and Sabotage actions.
Dream Demon
IconHelpLoading nightmare.png
FulliconAddon greenDress.png
Green Dress
A little girl's green dress with a silky white ribbon.

While Survivors are in the Dream World:

  • Slightly increases Regression penalties of Repair, Healing, and Sabotage actions.
  • When failing such an action's Skill Check IconHelp skillChecks.png, the Survivor's Aura IconHelp auras.png is revealed to The Nightmare for 3 seconds.
FulliconAddon blueDress.png
Blue Dress
A little girl's pale blue dress with white lace which's front is ruined by large cuts.

While Survivors are in the Dream World:

  • Slightly increases Regression penalties of Repair, Healing, and Sabotage actions.
  • When failing such an action's Skill Check IconHelp skillChecks.png, the Survivor's Aura IconHelp auras.png is revealed to The Nightmare for 4 seconds.
FulliconAddon redPaintBrush.png
Red Paint Brush
Ultra Rare
A large paint brush, wet with crimson paint.
  • All Survivors start the Trial inside the Dream World.
  • Failing a Skill Check IconHelp skillChecks.png will no longer allow Survivors to wake up.
FulliconAddon interlockingRazor.png
Interlocking Razor
A modification to the Jigsaw Box: the addition of interlocking razor blades makes it impossible to move suddenly in the Jigsaw Box without slitting one's wrists.
  • Tremendously increases the Regression penalty of failed Skill Checks on Jigsaw Boxes.
Jigsaw's Baptism
IconHelpLoading pig.png
FulliconAddon razorWires.png
Razor Wires
A modification to the Jigsaw Box: the addition of razor sharp wires makes it extra difficult and potentially painful to search them.
  • Moderately increases Jigsaw Box Skill Check IconHelp skillChecks.png Trigger odds.
FulliconAddon workshopGrease.png
Workshop Grease
A modification to the Jigsaw Box: the lubricated parts make the search a more delicate exercise.
  • Slightly increases Jigsaw Box Skill Check IconHelp skillChecks.png Trigger odds.

Change Log

Patch 3.6.0

  • Removed Skill Checks for the Sabotage action.

Patch 3.7.0

  • Reduced the Great Skill Check success bonus from 2 % to 1 %.