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Status HUD is an information system featured in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png.


The Status HUD indicates to the Players how they are currently affected by Perks IconHelp perks.png, Add-ons IconHelp addons.png and in-game mechanics.

It consists of three sub-systems: Perk Effects, Status Effects & Proficiency Indicators.

The latter two were implemented with Patch 1.5.0.

Status Effects

IconHelp statusEffects.png

Status Effects indicate a state which is affecting the player. What kind of state can be seen in the lower right part of the screen. The icon's colour will reflect whether it is a buff or a debuff.

They generally do not have chevrons on the icon indicating the strength of the buff/debuff.
There are two exceptions to this: Bloodlust IconHelp bloodlust.png and Madness IconStatusEffects madness.png.

List of Status Effects

IconHelp statusEffectList.png
Icon Name Description Unlockables using the Status Effect
IconStatusEffects vision.png Blindness The Survivor's Aura-reading abilities are impaired.
IconStatusEffects bloodLust.png Bloodlust The Killer's movement speed is enhanced.
  • Maintaining a chase for 15 consecutive seconds will increase Bloodlust by one Tier up to a maximum of 3 Tiers every 15 seconds.
IconStatusEffects broken.png Broken The Survivor cannot be healed.
  • Displays the Broken Status on the HUD in the lower left corner.
IconStatusEffects deepWound.png Deep Wound The Survivor is on a bleed-out timer until healed or mended.
IconStatusEffects cursed.png Cursed The Survivor is suffering from a secret penalty due to the presence of a Hex Perk.
  • Cleansing its associated Hex Totem IconHelpLoading totem.png will dispel the curse.
IconStatusEffects endurance.png Endurance The Survivor is hardened and can resist a hit.
IconStatusEffects exhausted.png Exhausted The Survivor cannot perform physically demanding feats.
  • Exhaustion IconStatusEffects exhausted.png puts all affected Perks on a shared cool-down.
    • Exhaustion will not recover while running.
    • Adrenaline IconPerks adrenaline.png, as a one-shot Perk, ignores the Exhaustion mechanic being applied to itself, but still causes it for the other Perks.
IconStatusEffects exposed.png Exposed The Survivor is in peril and can be downed with a single hit applied through the Killer's Basic Attack.
  • Exposed does not override the effects of Endurance.
IconStatusEffects haste.png Haste The Character's movement speed is enhanced.
IconStatusEffects bleeding.png Haemorrhage The Survivor is heavily bleeding, leaving visible traces for the Killer to follow.
IconStatusEffects hindered.png Hindered The Character's movement speed is slowed.
IconStatusEffects madness.png Madness Indicates to Survivors that they are affected by The Doctor's Static Field or his Shock Therapy Attack and thus experience certain Afflictions.
  • The type of Affliction depends on The Doctor's equipped Add-ons and the Survivors' Madness Tiers.
IconStatusEffects mangled.png Mangled The Survivor is heavily injured and requires more time to be fully healed.
  • Slows down the Survivor's Healing Speed by 20 %
IconStatusEffects oblivious.png Oblivious Indicates to unfortunate Survivors that they are Oblivious to the Killer's whereabouts. The following effects apply:
  • The Survivor does not hear The Killer's Terror Radius.
  • The Survivor is not affected by any effects that are conditional to being inside of a Terror Radius.
IconStatusEffects undetectable.png Undetectable Applies to a Killer's Stealth Mechanics. When a Killer is Undetectable, the following effects are applied:
  • The Killer's Terror Radius is removed.
  • The Killer's Red Stain is hidden.
  • The Killer will not have their Aura revealed.
  • The Killer does not trigger the jump-scare sound effect that plays when starting to move after standing still for a moment.
  • The Killer sees the smoky screen visual effect, indicating stealth.
IconStatusEffects vision.png Vision The Survivor's Aura-reading abilities are enhanced.

Proficiency Indicators

IconHelp proficiency.png

The Proficiency System helps the player know how different gameplay elements (e.g. their own/other Players' Perks, Offering, Add-ons) affect their performance at the interaction they are currently performing by showing them Proficiency Indicators above the progress bar of the interaction.

The intensity levels are indicated by the number of chevrons on the icon. One chevron indicates the weakest form of an effect, and three chevrons indicate the strongest form. Those chevrons are accumulative with other gameplay elements affecting your performance.

The Icons will only appear when performing a specific action that is affected by a Status HUD. This currently applies to the following:

List of Proficiency Indicators

IconHelp proficiencyList.png
Icon Name Description
IconStatusEffects luck.png Chance Displays if the player has a better or worse chance at succeeding the performed action.
  • Only valid for actions that can fail, e.g. escaping from a trap or a hook.
IconStatusEffects cleansing.png Cleansing Displays if the Cleansing Speed is faster or slower than usual.
IconStatusEffects expertise.png Efficiency / Expertise Displays if the Player's Item Consumption Rate is decreased or increased.
IconStatusEffects healing.png Healing Displays if the Healing Speed is faster or slower than usual.
IconStatusEffects progressionSpeed.png Progression Speed Displays if the Action Progression Speed is faster or slower than usual.
IconStatusEffects repairing.png Repairing Displays if the Repairing Speed is faster or slower than usual.
IconStatusEffects sabotaging.png Sabotaging Displays if the Sabotaging Speed is faster or slower than usual.
IconStatusEffects skillCheckDifficulty.png Skill Check Difficulty Indicates if the Skill Check IconHelp skillChecks.png is easier or harder to succeed.
  • Only displays after the first Skill Check.
IconStatusEffects skillCheckProbability.png Skill Check Probability Indicates if the Skill Checks IconHelp skillChecks.png happen less or more frequently than usual.
  • Only displays after the first Skill Check.
IconStatusEffects skills.png Skills Unknown effect, currently unused.

Pre-Status HUD System

The so-called Perk Effects System was the precursor to the Status HUD used prior to Patch 1.5.0. It displayed all HUD information in regards to Perks and Add-ons affecting Survivors and Killers.

If a Perk or an Add-on affected the Player, it would show that Unlockable's icon displayed on top of either a turquoise (buff) or a red (de-buff) background (see below), indicating to the Player that they were either positively or negatively affected by said Unlockable. What effect the Unlockable had on the Player could not be conveyed by that system and relied on the Players recognising the Unlockable by its icon and remembering its effects.

This system was deemed to not be very user-friendly for newcomers or inexperienced Players, and even seasoned Players had trouble recognising and remembering all icons and effects. It has since been partially replaced by the Status HUD System, which uses the Status Effect and Proficiency Indicator icons alongside a coloured-progress bar to indicate an Unlockable's effect.

The old system is still in use for Perks and Add-ons that have effects that do not use either of the new indicator systems (i.e. We'll Make It IconPerks wellMakeIt.png indicating to the rescued Survivor that their rescuer has the Perk equipped).


Buff Debuff
IconStatusEffects buffPerk.png IconStatusEffects debuffPerk.png

Change Log

Patch 2.5.0

  • All Timers no longer stack or automatically reset, but will now take the highest remaining Status timer and ignore the other.
    • If the new Timer is the higher one, the previous timer is discarded and the Status Effect icon will visually reset to 100 %.
    • If the new Timer is the lower one, the new timer is discarded and the Status Effect icon will remain at its current progression.

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