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Icon Name Rarity Description Contents Collection Price
ML outfit 006.png Water Trash Very Rare It's time to go to the place the fishin's fine. A city so nice, they named it Jacksonville! Ashy Slashy

Hawaiian Shirt

Shorts and Sandals

Jacksonville, I Love You!
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ML outfit 02.png Working for the Weekend Very Rare Some people live to work, others work to see something you have to endure before you get to hit the Woodsman and meet a new friend. Carved Wooden Hand

Value Stop Vest

Work Pants

Value Stop Stockboy
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ML outfit 008.png Finale Very Rare Yeah, yeah, the world's been invaded by demonic freaks and you need me to save it.That's the soundtrack of my life, baby. Android Hand

The Wastelander

Savior's Slacks

End of Days
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