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The Archives is a mode of Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png that was added on Patch 3.3.0.

They were announced on Dead by Daylight's 3 Year Anniversary Stream.


The Archives offer new goals for players, and allow for a more narrative experience further expanding the Dead by Daylight universe.

Completing Master Quests of a Tome will unlock Journal Entries IconPerks autodidact.png, Cinematics IconAddon franksMixtape.png, Charms IconHelp loadout.png and bonus Bloodpoints IconHelp bloodpoints.png.


The Observer has a unique power, with which he can probe the Entity's Fog and find memories and stories that are stored in her memories. All these memories are stored in the Fog once a Character is taken, with the Entity not making any use of it, thus getting forgotten.

At the core of The Archives is the Auris, a device capable of peering into the memories of those who’ve entered the Fog. Through this device, the players access a series of Challenges to help them piece together these memories and his overall role.


New Tomes are regularly added to The Archives. Each Tome is released with one level of challenges, and further levels become accessible over time. Once a new level is available, it can be accessed by reaching the Epilogue of the previous level.

You can accept one challenge at a time.

Most challenges can be completed in multiple trials and will reward Bloodpoints IconHelp bloodpoints.png. Master Challenges must be completed in one Trial, but they offer greater rewards and occasionally unlock entries in the Tome's collection. The Collection is a window into the stories of the Dead by Daylight Characters IconHelpLoading players.png, containing memories, logs and animated sequences.

If there is an open Rift, the challenges in the current Tome will also award Rift Fragments Unknown QuestionMark.png. These fragments unlock Tiers of rewards in the Rift.

Tome I - Awakening

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Level 1

Survivor Challenges
  • Bring the Light (Repair a total of 2 Generators IconHelpLoading generators.png)
  • Savior (Unhook 2 Survivors safely)
  • Patched Up (Heal 4 Health States Unknown QuestionMark.png of any Survivor)
  • Liberator (Unhook 5 Survivors safely)
  • Skilled Operator (Succeed at 12 Skill Checks IconHelp skillChecks.png)
  • This is Happening (Get a Great result on 2 skill checks using the Perk This Is Not Happening IconPerks thisIsNotHappening.png)
  • Claudette's Determination (As Claudette Morel, escape a trial)
  • The Last Place you Look (Search 5 Chests IconHelp chests.png)
  • Plunder King (Search 2 Chests using the perk Plunderer's Instinct IconPerks plunderersInstinct.png)
  • Craft Time's Over (Cleanse 8 Totems IconHelpLoading totem.png)
  • Empathic (Completely heal 2 Health States using the Perk Empathy IconPerks empathy.png}
Killer Challenges
  • Gruesome (Hook 8 Survivors)
  • Scrapyard (Damage 6 Generators}}
  • Mechanical Obsession (Damage the same Generator 2 times)
  • Brutal Breaker (Damage a Generator or destroy a dropped Pallet 4 times using the Perk Brutal Strength IconPerks brutalStrength.png.
  • Hungry Jaws (Catch a Survivor in a Bear Trap 2 times as The Trapper)
  • Dark Triumph (Sacrifice 1 Survivor to The Entity during the Endgame Collapse)
  • Reverent (Sacrifice 5 Survivors to the Entity)
  • None Shall Survive (Kill all Survivors in a Trial 1 time)
General Challenges
  • Bloody Rewards (Earn 50.000 Bloodpoints IconHelp bloodpoints.png)
  • Amateur Ornithologist (Disturb 25 Crows IconHelp crows.png)
Completion Charm
Icon Name Rarity Description
RW 001.png Inner Eye Uncommon A mysterious frequency awakens the inner eye of those who seek the truth.

The Rift

Main article: The Rift

When The Observer probes inside the Fog, a Rift is created. The Rift is a way for Players to get additional cosmetics.

Each Tome will always be accompanied by a new Rift, a tear through the Entity's Fog containing a multitude of rewards from other worlds and memories. These time-limited rewards will be earned simply by playing the game and progressing in The Tome. Most of these rewards will be related to the current Tome’s lore and/or seasonal events.

Rifts contain rewards for both Killers and Survivors. Collect Rift Fragments Unknown QuestionMark.png to increase your Tier in the Rift and unlock more rewards.

When a Rift is open, Rift Fragments can be collected by earning XP and completing challenges in the current Tome.

There are two tracks of rewards:

  • A free one
  • A Premium one, which adds more cosmetics. This track can be unlocked by buying a Rift Pass with Auric Cells IconHelp auricCells.png.


Charms are rewards for completing Tomes or unlocking Tiers in the Rift. They can be equipped on a Survivor's belt or on a Killer's Hook IconHelpLoading hook.png.

Each Tome and Rift have their specific completion Charm

Tome I - Awakening

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Icon Name Rarity Description Track
RW 030.png Introduction to Botany Common She found the branch of biology that spoke to her soul. Free
RW 025.png Mouse Trapper Common Setting up traps around the mine was easy. He'd watch rodents suffer, squirming while waiting for the inevitable. Suddenly, he had all the power in the world. Free
RW 005.png Pro-Technician Common Nothing beats a technician who performs the most demanding skill checks during stressful repairs. Free
RW 031.png Herbalism Common She discovered the nature of plants and their medicinal properties. Premium
RW 026.png Squirrel Trapper Common He ventured outside for a new challenge. Each day he'd practice how to patrol areas in the woods to catch more challenging prey. Premium
RW 021.png Killer Stone Common A badge that signals a profound loyalty to the Entity. There is no greater thrill than to fuel what urges to kill. Free
RW 032.png Plant Identification Common She studied the taxonomic diversity of plants, training her eye to recognize each kind. Premium
RW 027.png Wolf Trapper Common Nothing is more fulfilling than to hunt a pack of opponents. This he learned early on while hunting with his father. Premium
RW 033.png Plant Biochemistry Common She began experimenting with plants to produce an array of chemical substances. Premium
RW 028.png Bear Trapper Common Hunting bears was his next move. They offered a real challenge, being stronger and bolder. He designed a special set of steel-jaw traps for the occasion. Premium
RW 016.png Benevolent Crest Common The crest of those brave enough to venture through the black Fog. Free
RW 007.png Pro-Empathy Common An acute awareness that reveals those in pain. Free
RW 015.png MacMillan Mining Corp. Uncommon The corporation that mined both minerals and human lives. Premium
RW 014.png Jack-O'-Lantern Uncommon A sadistic grin for a night of trick-or-terror. Free
RW 019.png Danger Ahead Uncommon There are many hidden tunnels, caution signs, and blocked exits on the MacMillan Estate. Everyone suspected the mine was used for something else... Premium
RW 010.png Trapper Headstone Uncommon A paleolithic slab of stone bearing the effigy of one serving the Entity. Free
RW 020.png Chaser Crest Uncommon No one can escape the clutches of a skilled, bloodthirsty hunter. No matter the chase, no matter the prey, death is the result. Paid
RW 034.png Expert Botanist Uncommon Her in-depth understanding of each species' uniqueness inspired her techniques that targeted their differences. The specimen in her care always grew faster, stronger and healthier. Paid
RW 029.png Sadistic Trapper Uncommon No limits. Everything was fair now. Even humans... Especially humans... Paid
RW 023.png Pustula Flower Rare A rare flower secreting a thick, pungent nectar during the "Hallowed Blight", according to Vigo's journal. Paid
RW 006.png Neon Arcade Rare A lively arcade as a symbol for what life is truly about. Paid
RW 022.png Nurse's Wooden Horse Rare A catatonic patient used to play with this horse, until his nurse suffocated him with his toy. Paid
RW 011.png Heavy-Duty Bear Trap Rare The perfect tool to ensnare all kinds of prey. Paid
RW 008.png Ficus Elastica Plant Rare The first house plant Claudette got for her dorm after leaving Montréal. Paid
RW 017.png Brand New Part Rare A challenging mechanical part that rewards the bold and punishes the reckless. Free
RW 009.png Claudette Figurine Very Rare As an expert botanist, Claudette Morel was a brilliant science student with a prolific future - that is until she took a stroll that changed her life forever. Paid
RW 012.png Sadistic Puppet Very Rare A shadow creeping up the wall, an eerie presence lurking. Few know what this sadistic plaything is up next. Paid
RW 024.png Nectar Vial Ultra Rare A glass vial filled with nectar, which can be distilled into a putrid serum that holds unknown properties. Paid


  • Tomes are permanent. This means, if a Player didn't complete a Tome and another one was released, they can still work on their current Tome.
    • The Rift, however, lasts for the duration of their respective Tome.
  • Charms were leaked alongside the Ghost Face IconHelpLoading ghost.png on the 2.7.0 Mid-Chapter Update. The Developers released a Dev Build instead of the Update for some Players. As soon as they realized this happened, they forced all Players out of the game and the ones to have this Build had to download the right Update. However, multiple screenshots were taken and some Players were streaming at the moment.
    • However, until the Developers announced The Archives, the Charms were thought to be part of the 3 Year Anniversary Event.