The Withering Blight

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The Withering Blight is an Event in Dead by Daylight Dead by Daylight}} that was originally scheduled to last from 22 October until 1 November 2019.

Due to unforeseen problems with the 3.3.0 Mid-Chapter Update, the Event was postponed until the 30th, meaning that the Event lasted from 30 October to 10 November 2019.

It kicked off the in-game celebrations in honour of Halloween 2019, albeit a bit late.


The Withering Blight is a Halloween-themed version of the Scorching Summer BBQ Event.

Its occurrence was leaked by data found related to the new Event in CHAPTER XIII: Stranger Things and the new Customisation Options being added during Patch 3.2.2.

It is part of the reoccurring Blight Event; its predecessor was the 2018 The Hallowed Blight Event.

In-Game Changes

The Event Items can be found in newly generated Bloodwebs Bloodwebs}} and generally in Chests Chests}} located throughout the Trial Grounds.

The Event Offering will increase the amount of Cankerous Hooks and Generators that spawn in the Trial Grounds and increase the Bonus Bloodpoints Bloodpoints}} one receives from interacting with them. Not burning the Offering will still grant Bonus Bloodpoints, but fewer.

Putrid Serum

By completing challenges and progressing the Event-Rift in the Archives, Players will be rewarded with Putrid Serum Putrid Serum}}, which can then be exchanged for cosmetics of either the older Hallowed Blight Collection or this year's Hallowed Catalyst Collection.

The Serum is available on the Free Track of The Rift and is capped at a maximum of 60, allowing for the purchase of 6 Cosmetic Pieces or up to 2 Outfits.

The Hallowed Catalyst Collection

StoreBanner RH.png
Quotes left.png It is the season of night; a time of tricks and thrills. The Hallowed Blight infested the many Realms with putrid flowers whose nectar became the catalyst for horrific experiments. The Hallowed Catalyst Collection yields the morbid fruits of these experiments. Quotes right.png

The Nurse - Foul Nightingale

This Outfit, while part of the Hallowed Catalyst Collection, can only be obtained from the Premium Track on The Rift.
BK NU charSelect portrait.png

The Hag - Scorched Harvester

DK HA charSelect portrait.png

The Clown - Seething Entertainer

GK CL charSelect portrait.png

The Spirit - Blazing Lineage

HK SP charSelect portrait.png

The Plague - Servant of the Serum

MK PL charSelect portrait.png

Jake Park - Vigo's Marauder

AS JP charSelect portrait.png

Outfit Gallery

Event Offering

Icon Description
IconFavors pustulaPetals.png Calls upon The Entity Entity}} to generate 1 Cankerous Hook and 1 Cankerous Generator.
  • As a Killer, hook a Survivor on a Cankerous Hook for the first time to earn bonus Bloodpoints Bloodpoints}}.
  • As a Survivor, find and repair a Cankerous Generator to earn bonus Bloodpoints Bloodpoints}}.
  • Stacks.

Using this Offering increases the amount of Bloodpoints earned for these interactions.

NOTE: During the Event, 1 default Cankerous Hook and 1 default Cankerous Generator will spawn on the Map.

Only playable during the The Withering Blight Event.

"The Pustulas fill the air with a rancid odour that some may find enticing."

The Lore

The Event's Lore can be unlocked by completing Master Challenges in The Rift and be read in the corresponding Tome. The Observer Observer}} narrates the Memories and Logs, which may be looked up in their respective Articles.

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