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Unlockables are game features which can be used by both Killers and Survivors. Unlockables can be obtained by spending Bloodpoints in the Bloodweb or Iridescent Shards in the Shrine of Secrets.
There are 4 types of Unlockables in the game:

List of Unlockables[edit | edit source]

Add-ons: Used by both Killers and Survivors. Add-ons are parts that can be added onto items (or powers in the case of the Killers) in order to improve their efficiency and/or duration. They can also add additional effects. Up to two add-ons can be selected before a match. Losing an item during a match will also result in the loss of its equipped add-ons.

Items: Exclusive to Survivors. Items are tools that can help you survive, they can be improved with up to two add-ons. They can also be found in chests or be dropped by other Survivors during matches. Completing a match with an item will reset its durability and allow it to be reused.

Mystery Boxes: Used by both Killers and Survivor, Mystery Boxes can obtain any of the other Unlockables (with the exception of Perks) whose rarity may vary. Mystery Boxes of a higher rarity have a higher chance for a rarer Unlockable.

Offerings: Used by both Killers and Survivors, Offerings can be used to affect the outcome of the chosen map, changing aspects such as lighting, fog, amount of chests/hooks and more. Offerings are lost once used.

Perks: Used by both Killers and Survivors, perks grant an individual bonus, and once unlocked will never be lost. Players can choose up to four perks per match, depending on their character's level. All Survivors and Killers have three unique perks, which cannot be unlocked by other characters until you unlock them on specific bloodweb levels on the original character's Bloodweb or buy them from the Shrine of Secrets.

Additional Unlockables[edit | edit source]

Achievements: Achievements are unlocked when completing certain actions in-game. They show progress and personal achievements of each player in the game Dead by Daylight.

Daily Rituals: Daily Rituals are optional challenges that require the player to complete certain in-game actions which will then be rewarded with a generous amount of Bloodpoints. One new challenge is added each day, whether or not all previous have been completed or not. There are only a maximum of 3 Daily Rituals displayed each day.

Templates[edit | edit source]

For a compendium of the Templates used on some of the aforementioned pages, please refer to: Icon Templates

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