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Vigo is an unknown Character in Dead by Daylight IconHelp DBDlogo.png, who is only mentioned in descriptions and names of Items, luck-based and spawn-location altering Offerings IconHelp offerings.png.

Examples being Vigo's Shroud IconFavors vigosShroud.png and Vigo's Jar of Salty Lips IconFavors vigosJarOfSaltyLips.png along with several quotes from her on some of the Perks such as Lightborn IconPerks lightborn.png.

Vigo is also credited in the quote for the Engineer's Toolbox FulliconItems engineersToolbox.png, having apparently created the original tools which the ones that are found in the fog are supposedly a 'poor replica' of.

It is presumed that Vigo was a Witch or Shaman as her Offerings influence Survivors' luck and spawn locations, though the Engineer's toolbox having apparently been originally owned by Vigo might suggest otherwise.

Because of her mentioned ability to create things as well as bend the rules of the fog, it is possible that she was the creator of the Black Lock.