Worn-Out Tools

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Worn-Out Tools is a Common Item IconHelp items.png.

Icon Durability Description Bloodpoints IconHelp bloodpoints.png
FulliconItems worn-outTools.png
80 charges
A metal box containing out of condition tools that could break at any moment. Even without training, can be used to repair or break various mechanical components.
  • Moderately increases Repair speed.
  • Slightly decreases Skill Check success zones.
  • Unlocks the Sabotage action.

"You call these tools? ... Really?"

3,000 BPs

Other types of Toolboxes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Worn-Out Tools was added with Patch 1.1.2.
  • Increases the Repair speed by 15 %.
  • Decreases the success zones by 10 %.
  • Sabotage stats:
    • Increases the Skill Check difficulty by 15 %.