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Mystery Boxes are a type of Node that can be obtained from the Bloodweb IconHelp bloodweb.png.


Their content is a secret and not revealed until purchased.

They range in Rarity from Common to Ultra Rare.

Once purchased, you'll receive a random Unlockable as a reward of equal or greater Rarity to the Box. Perks cannot be obtained from a Mystery Box.


Mystery Boxes used to have a chance to spawn in every Bloodweb Level. Now they will spawn at Levels 3 & 5 and then in every fifth Bloodweb.

Winter GiftsEdit

During the Winter Solstice Event, the Developers added special Mystery Boxes to the Bloodweb, that spawned in every single Level, and twice every 5 levels and contained a new Reward each time. They were removed with Patch 1.9.0.

Change LogEdit

Patch 1.8.3Edit

  • Added Winter Gifts that temporarily replace the Mystery Boxes.

Patch 1.9.0Edit

  • Mystery Boxes' Rarity can now range up to Ultra Rare.
  • Removed the Winter Gifts.

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